Wall Clock Makeover

What do you do when you receive something really nice but it has a sponsored tag or print on it? You try to camouflage it! Although I am OK with it, that is if I really like the thing. But then that’s me, not my daughter. Sometime back we received this beautiful aqua blue wall clock; incidentally it went beautifully well with my daughter’s bedroom décor, the only problem was she wouldn’t allow me to put it in her room just because it had a ‘sponsored’ sign on it…how silly is that?! Teenagers, I tell you! No amount of cajoling/persuasion/counseling helps in drilling some practical sense into them… unless of course it is their own whim/fancy/idea. I almost gave up but I loved the colour of the clock way too much to just pass it on (btw she agreed with that!) …I had to do something about it.

Yesterday, I took out my mini screwdriver set and opened the wall clock and sat thinking… after a lot of brainstorming, over how to hide the sign, my daughter came up with a handful of sequins to try a design on it. That set the ball rolling…it was quick and simple! With a small piece of silver paper, a few sequins, flat glass baubles and glue, we camouflaged the ‘sponsored’ sign on the face of the wall clock. The small piece of embossed silver paper helped in hiding away most of the ‘sponsored’ print (also it matched the silver numerals on the clock)… we laid out glass baubles and the sequins to form a random pattern over it, just to pretty it up!

The choice of colours (for the sequins) was to match the colour scheme in her room.  It took us just over half an hour from start to finish for this wall clock makeover!

She is more than happy to have it in her room now, since the makeover idea was hers!

And I am itching to do something similar to couple of other wall clocks at home!

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