Turn Off the Lights! The Earth Hour

We were settled well before 8:30pm, to sit in the porch… to be a part of the Earth Hour this year. Gazing at the night sky trying to find stars (I couldn’t see any) amidst the city noise, my mind raced back to memories of my childhood when my parents would take us for an after-dinner stroll. My sister and I would delightfully run and catch fireflies!(I haven’t seen any in ages).

Our home was in a military base, on the outskirts of a town in north India. Unlike the city that we live in now, it was a tranquil place with miles and miles of forests. It was fun chasing the goat’s beard seed (aruncus), butterflies, frogs, dragonflies, crickets, chickens, hare and what not!

Collecting round pebbles, plucking wild berries, playing with mimosa waiting for it open again, climbing trees… the memories are endless…

We do plan off-beat, adventure holidays (yeah, it’s called that now!) but nothing to beat the real experience which seems like a thing of beauty… almost disappearing. The one hour that we spent out in our porch was actually our contribution to The Earth Hour- an annual global one-hour occasion to drive the message of saving energy today-29th March 8:30pm till 9:30pm. It was a fun hour.

Although, it wasn’t pitch dark because of the street lights and since there weren’t any stars for my children to count, they decided to light some candles in the porch; they struggled in doing that, as it was pleasantly windy.

They continued with their struggle to light up the T-lites all at once (about 20 of them) but couldn’t! And my trigger happy finger went on clicking away to glory!

It was a good hour well spent, away from TV, Cell phones, laptop, out in the open, explaining my daughter about why we need to do it, even if it may seem hardly anything.

After an hour when we moved back inside, my daughter wanted to display the T-lites in our living room (till they died out). So we extended our ‘Earth Hour’, by another hour!

So she placed them around the living room and once again I couldn’t help but take a few more pictures 🙂  🙂

She says we should do ‘The Earth Hour’ every day! I couldn’t agree more with her…an hour away from all gadgets, out in the open is definitely fun!

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