The One (of the many) Place in My Travel Bucket-List

When Ambika, of Sunny Yellow Window, sent out an invite for her Weekly Art Journal Exploits Linky, the prompt was too irresistible to not to answer! My instant response was “Petra”! And honestly I didn’t do much to be a part of this weekly event, I just opened “My Travel Bucket List- Places to See Before I Die” folder on my laptop and picked up the first place (abroad) on that wishlist to create a digital art journal. I wish I had the time to make a handmade one like Ambika’s…maybe next time.

Years ago when I saw the movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’, the place was etched in my head.

It had my fancy right from the scene when Harrison Ford (on a horse) enters the Petra Treasury through that amazing narrow gorge!

I started with my research on Petra since then; I’ve been reading about the place and have taken many virtual tours ever since! Then came the movie ‘Transformers- revenge of the fallen’

Had to watch this one because my children insisted… and the only part I liked was the Petra locale in the movie!

Petra in Jordan tops my wish list for its unique blend of enthralling history, astonishing architectural genius of the ancient people and the natural marvel.

It is one of the most stunning places on Earth and not to mention that it happens to be at no. 2 in the new list of the, surviving, ‘7 Wonders of the World’ and a World Heritage Site.

I do not know when will I be able to visit this place… so far all are with me on Petra being the no.1 place to visit, as a family holiday! Until then,I have my folder to browse, I keep updating my ‘travel bucket list’ folder with any photo or info that I find on the internet.

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7 thoughts on “The One (of the many) Place in My Travel Bucket-List

  1. Gorgeous Petra! Loved the post, reading on your fascination about the place. That pic of the narrow gorge is just too good!

  2. Hi Supriti, Nice to know you and your blog today! Enjoyed your lovely posts, yes, I was also keen on Petra ever since I saw that scene from Indiana Jones. I have traveled a lot, Petra time was the best. Hope you can make this trip soon and have a great time!

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