The ‘Great’ Wall!

The old gigantic, mammoth wardrobes attached with one entire wall of the master bedroom did a lot to the room; It hit you in your face, it screamed – LOUD! It was hideous, dark, depressing, unsightly, over bearing and absolutely unwanted! But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that storage wise it was FANTASTIC! 

Our initial thought was to paint them white so that it doesn’t appear so imposing. But Akhilesh came up with this bright idea that it should be pulled apart and used as required. So we pulled it out (it took two days) and realized, it can’t be separated (into smaller units) very easily as it was joined by a single board at the back. And the idea was to re-use it, not waste it.

Went back to our ‘Idea Book’ (our drawing book), broke our heads over it for a couple of days, finally decided to remove just the corner open storage unit of the wardrobe (to be utilized elsewhere). Now we were left with three quarters of the remaining wardrobe. 

Since there was no dressing area in the master bedroom, we decided to create a galley dressing area using the three quarters of the wardrobe. So, the gigantic wardrobe was turned around, its back facing the room. The idea was to make it work as a privacy wall between the bedroom and the galley dressing area! Now all we had to do was give it a make over. .. could we do it? To find out Click here – ‘The Great Wall Makeover’ and see for yourself!

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