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My friend Deepti, is on a month-long holiday to Australia since the 18th of Dec. She has already covered Adelaide and now she is in Melbourne. She has been sending me these awesome updates of her holiday that I am on a virtual holiday with her, on my smart phone!

Thanks Dips…keep them coming! This photograph in particular drew me to hit the web world and know more. I’ve always been drawn to the sea and the beaches.

In fact any ‘beach destination’ is our favourite holiday as a family. As I surfed exploring for ‘beachy’ holiday destinations in Australia… Melbourne caught my fancy. Also this contest couldn’t have come at a right time – What’s your reason for falling in love with Melbourne, the most livable city in the world?– And I thought to myself what’s not there in this city to fall in love with! It is a place that has just about everything… the beaches, the gardens, the visual experience, adventure, fun-sports, street art, the food and shopping… that’s everything  any holiday-er looks for!

My virtual exploration of Melbourne took me to more amazing places of interests (just my kind!) other than the more touristy ones as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Zoo, the National Gallery of Victoria and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building and so many more!

Melbourne has a great bicycle sharing system and a superb network of tram, an affordable and convenient way to get around the city. Just my kind of holiday… to explore the city at my pace. Now what would you do if you have only three days to be in Melbourne? You plan and pack the most in those three days! Keeping Melbourne CBD as the centre-point, here is what I have sorted out for my kind of holiday…customized and tailor-made for the traveller in me and not the tourist,  in three days flat! 

Fall in Love with Melbourne Once! Beach Hopping!

Start your day early with a tram ride to St Kilda Beach, a hotspot for tourists and locals; the ocean is calm and is great for all water sports.

Have your fill of water sports and then head over to the palm lined trendy cafes for some great sea food. Once you are donesatiating your taste buds, hop on a direct bus or get on a short train ride to head towards Brighton beach, an ideal spot to laze in the late afternoon sun, and make plans for the next two days. The beach is dotted with charming bright, multi-coloured bathing boxes; It would make a great beach holiday photography destination!

Head back to the city to end the day at Federation Square- a potpourie of culinary diversity, from world cuisine to authentic Australian cuisine, there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Fall in Love with Melbourne Twice!  A little adventure and a little sightseeing.

Get ready for an incredible experience on board a Hot Air Balloon!

Start the day early in the morning on a Balloon ride, enjoying the city below as it comes to life. How about having breakfast suspended in the air! Sounds like an incredible adventure…definitely in the to-do list!

After that adventurous morning, walk through the city streets, lane-ways along the Yarra River to be dazzled and delighted by the world-famous Street Art and unravel a whole new perspective to street art. A countless public artworks worth every minute of your time…and once you are done exploring the art and clicking pictures…

melbourne photography by Cuba Gallery

Image Credits-Cuba Gallery

…hop on a bus towards King’s Domain Gardens-  a historic garden with plenty of big trees providing shade and lush green lawns…a perfect place for a quiet n cozy evening time followed by unwinding under the stars with a film, (if it is a Saturday night) with a bag full of popcorn and something scrumptious from the trucks lined with street food. Moonlight Cinema – the outdoor cinema on the Central Lawn at Royal Botanic Gardens, a perfect way to end the day!

Never mind if you don’t have a Saturday in your three-day trip, there is a similar experience atop Curtin House right in the heart of the city, go in for an exhilarating view of the city-scape at night followed by watching a movie on the Rooftop Cinema…a  tried and tested movie buff hangout.

Rooftop Cinemas, Melbourne


Fall in Love with Melbourne Thrice!  Zip around the city on a Bicycle!

When you know time is a premium, you try to squeeze in every bit of the experience that you can while on a holiday. For relaxing (read ‘lazy’ holidays) there are other places, definitely not the exciting experiences that Melbourne has to offer! So, let’s get going…set course early in the morning on a bicycle (that would be my choice!)

or a tram, the choice is yours… venue of interest is also yours- Melbourne Museum or the National Gallery of Victoria. Spend the day enriching your experience in the history of Melbourne… save the later half of the day to chill out at one of the night markets in Melbourne:

Queen Victoria Market– Explore the over 200 stalls in this historic 19th century market, offering everything under the sun…definitely an unusual shopping experience to look forward to! Open during the day,this market turns even more exciting during the weekends when it throws open its doors to all the merrymaking at night-time shopping fiesta!


hit the Blender Lane Artists’ Market ; it is the most ‘Artisty’ night market in Melbourne. Come evening, the streets come alive with vibrant stalls! It showcases paintings, photography, unique souvenirs and jewellery and all things related to art… I would love to be here! Not as much to buy as to explore…

Optional Treat!– If you have kids with you on this holiday or you want to re-live your ‘kiddy’ days then strike off something from your itinerary and save half a day for Luna Park, the famous Amusement Park! Kiddos or no kiddos, I am sure there is enough to keep one amused!

Luna Park, Melbourne

Luna Park, Melbourne

Shuffle the order of the days to suit your mood… I guess that’s the best that can be packed in three short days in the most livable city in the world! Or check out the for pre-made short tours of the city. I surely would like to spend at least a fortnight, to soak in all the experiences!

There are numerous reasons to fall in love with this city…it has so much to offer! I haven’t even started with the Yarra Valley Wineries experience or the Great Ocean Drive or the feeding the penguins or go seal watching or the 12 Apostles or the day at Peninsula Hot springs…the list is endless!

Is there any place that you feel is a ‘must –see’ in Melbourne that can be packed in a short trip? I don’t know…maybe if you’ve been there and done that… let me know. I am definitely putting this city in my bucket list of ‘must-see’ destinations around the world!

Let me see where all does my friend, Dipti, visits … looking forward to her updates on Whatsapp!  

And for you, since you have landed on my blog, I have something interesting… if you answer this simple question (in the comment box below), before 5th of Jan 2015, you stand a chance to win a Gift Voucher worth Rs.500!! 

Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why? 

(CONTEST CLOSED as on 5th Jan 2015, 11:59 pm) 

Contest Winner Update (11/Jan/2015): Sakshi Bhatnagar

All images are courtesy Tourism Victoria Website, unless specified otherwise.


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