Vegetable Pie

Whole Wheat Vegetable Pie

My kids have complained that I haven’t cooked anything ‘different’ lately…the daily supper/dinner ideas have become boring. The last I baked for them was a ‘cinnamon rosette bun’…which was a really long time ago. I couldn’t ask them to wait for another long weekend or holidays…there was no way of convincing them that I’d rather stick to something quick and easy, given my work timings. Truly speaking, they weren’t being unreasonable…I hadn’t made anything special for them in a while.

So, I decide to make something special for them. I had all these vegetables I picked up from the ‘haat’ (weekly farmer’s market) and had the regular ‘chapatti’ dough (fresh Indian bread dough) in my fridge.

I used the same dough for this super-quick whole wheat vegetable pie’s (or call it a fully stuffed pizza!) base. The result wasn’t so bad, considering I didn’t do the elaborate ‘yeasty’ way. Continue reading

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