Spring Inspired Decor

Inspired by my Spring Mood Board and also since I am done with my spring cleaning I am re-decorating our home to incorporate the charm of Spring season, I just want to hold-on to this season. I decided to create a little corner for some ‘me time’! As bright colours are popular choices for springtime decorating, I scouted my home for all things bright and cheery; by the way tangerine and neons are this year’s fun trending colours. Here is my quick and easy Spring inspired decor…All I did was swap some cushions, changed the covers and reshuffled a few things from here and there. I did not buy anything except the lilies 🙂 I added a touch of greenery by making this simple lily arrangement. Once the flowers start withering I will replace it with a potted plant. To make some simple flower arrangements for your home Click Here and see how I do it.

I picked-up these T- lite holders from Crawford market in Mumbai long time back; they were for Rs. 5 only!

The green cup is from my kitchen which I have placed here to work as a little ‘catch-all’ for my keys, pendrives, trinkets, pencil, eraser etc. It adds a lovely green touch to the table. The ceramic coasters are ‘Azulejo’ tiles from Goa.

The dilapidated off-white side table is about 30 years old (it belongs to my in-laws). It is wobbly on its own but having added the heavy round granite as its top, it doesn’t wobble anymore (unless of-course it is pushed or moved!). A cheat’s decorating secret! The round granite is actually the cut-out from the round sink bathroom counter at my in-laws place. It was being used as a base for a potted plant. I had to rescue it! I washed and scrubbed it clean, got the edges smooth and rounded. Doesn’t it make a lovely top?

A book to read and a hot cuppa tea, what more do I need to be happy! This is my newest favourite corner in our home 🙂

This season is a great time to bring the colour green into your home and use other bright hues as accents to create a happy and cheerful home. So what are you waiting for?!



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DIY Flower Arrangement for Home

The beauty of the Spring season lies in the myriad colours it brings along…in the form of flowers and foliage. North India experiences more clement climatic conditions, the states in this region witness two more seasons – spring and autumn. Conventionally, we experience six seasons in a year and each one spans for approximately two months. These seasons are Summer (grishm ritu), Spring (vasant ritu), Monsoon season (varsha ritu), Autumn (sharad ritu), late autumn/fall winter (hemant ritu) and Winter (shishir ritu) …okay that was the teacher in me taking over! 😉 😉 Coming back to the Spring season or the Basant ritu / Vasant ritu, it is the best season to indulge in some over-the-top flower decorations for home… I just love this time of the year! Early this month I created a Spring Mood Board  for colour inspiration, to bring in changes in my home decor to welcome the season, Click Here to read about it.

Although one does get the usual cut flowers throughout the year but the Spring variety has an absolute different charm to it. Years ago I did a two-week course in Ikebana style flower arrangement in Bangalore; it’s been long since I practiced it…really long. I am afraid I may have forgotten what I learnt, I’ll have to dig out my diary ( if only I remember where did I last see it!) but it hasn’t stopped me from arranging flowers in my home. I guess I have developed a free style which is a mix of western traditional and Japanese! And honestly speaking, no one needs any course for it! One can never go wrong with flowers even if you tried your best!

Last weekend our home looked like this! I have been busy trying to incorporate Spring accents to our home, Click Here to read about it.

The things I use; shears, thorn stripper, pin holders, containers, florist’ foam/oasis, stem supporters (I use galvanized wire).

Here is my simple guide to DIY flower arrangement…

A slant cut in the stem of the flower gives a  larger surface area for water absorption and changing water every alternate day helps in longevity of the cut flower.

Seriously, you just can’t go wrong with flowers. There have been occasions when I have bought flowers and didn’t have time for arranging them; all I do is bunch it up in a vase just the way I brought them home and they still look pretty!

No matter how tired I come home, flowers always pep me up 🙂

So are you ready to try your hand at flower arranging, Click Here for a site which has some great information on flower arrangement.

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Indian Spring… An Inspiration to Creative Freedom!

It amazes me to no end when I see the dramatic contrasts nature has to offer…almost unreal

The spectacular sunsets makes me want to paint the vivid hues on paper, fabric, pots, glass… on just about everything!

Think about colours in nature and the immediate response would be- a Rainbow… nowhere else in nature does one get to see something as grand and majestic as a full stretch of rainbow.

While enjoying that beautiful sight one is constantly aware of the fragility of the moment, and as a result rainbows are also linked to emotions and thoughts that are temporary, or of passing nature or maybe plain utopian;  and something that is not guaranteed each time or cyclic either. Almost as if understanding our plight, nature gives us another bounty of colorful explosions…the Spring season!

The world over, in all cultures, throughout history, Spring and the riot of colours in the flowers, leaves and blooms have always signified gaiety, hope and regeneration. The tenderness of new leaves, the flowers… from flaming reds, flirty yellows to soothing whites, there is a shade for every mood…an inspiration to create beauty around you… to hold on to it forever. The contrast from the barren cold and dry winter to the balmy and comforting spring air is noticeable in the joyful burst of life from the seemingly dead wood!

The trees in full bloom to the flower beds, all seem to tell us the eternal nature of the cycle of life. Hope is renewed…

The importance of one’s frame of mind, to its effect on the task at hand cannot be overemphasize! Ask any home bug! To keep the environment at home happy and cheerful I love to bring in various elements associated with Spring. Creating a mood of choice with lessons from nature is the creative freedom that I love… no rules, no colour theories… just sheer joy in the riot of colours that one sees all around in this season. While sorting through the photos I felt inspired to put together a mood board for Spring season, also as a participant at Ambika’s Weekly Art Journaling, to inspire each other creatively:-):-):-) Over the next one month I will try to incorporate these colours in my home. With little changes in accessories, a dash of spring inspired colour/paint here and there, some placement and displacement, a lit bit of DIY… all to welcome Spring. I guess I shall start with changing the cushion covers (to more floral ones) to fresh-cut flowers in my home.  My next, few,  posts will be dedicated to Spring…oh how I love this season and the joy and inspiration it brings!

I am almost done with my spring cleaning.. all set to welcome the season of colours! I am sure all home bugs must be feeling the same! To see how I am updating my home to welcome Spring Click Here and Here.

I’d love to see how you welcome Spring at your home, in your part of the world!



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