Photography Styling Challenge #10- Light

It is an odd feeling when you see how over time your own work seem full of flaws… it happens with me when I look at some DIYs (photos, art or craft work, writing etc.) that I did in the past, which at the time seemed great; I get this urge to re-do it. There are times when I have re-done it, on most other occasions I let it be, as a reminder to learn from my mistakes or just to keep it as a scale to compare my work -from then to now. Does that happen to you too? What do you do? Do you re-do it or let it be? When I made PSC #10 –Light blog post, I was supposed to work on PSC #8- Patterns (I got a little mixed up) it’s sitting in my drafts and now I don’t like it enough to post it. Came up with this instead, at the moment I am happy with it… let me see if it stays this way!

While contributing to the Earth Hour on the 29th of March, this year, out at night on our porch, I stumbled upon this idea and took a few photos keeping in mind the theme for ‘M’s Photography Styling Challenge #10- Light’.20140406-220645.jpg

As I said, the shoot plan happened by chance when I saw beautiful shadows being cast on our boundary wall.  It was much fun as I styled my ‘selfie’ shoot for the shadow-play against the light!

The source of light was a street light, next to our boundary wall, which obviously, I couldn’t manipulate. And the screen for our shadow-play was our boundary wall on the other side. To see the before/original setting of this shoot  Click here.

What I did manipulate were the pots and plants which I placed and replaced till I was happy with the look on the wall.

If you look closely you’d find that in all of the photographs the plant shadows are different. The lovely  neon yellow of the street light gave me an excellent canvas to play with. Some photos are a little out of focus as I couldn’t really adjust my camera well, I am still learning.

Kids helped me in lifting the huge planters for styling! I tried styling with smaller plants, tall ones, bushy ones to get a frame kind of a look on the wall.

I took a lot of pictures that day, some really funny ones… more than the photos it was the fun time that I captured that day! I hope you enjoy the photographs!

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