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As I sat writing for the last theme for M’s Photography Styling Challenge, I look back only to realize how far I’ve come in terms of styling and staging. I still have a long way to go but I know I am getting there, slowly and steadily…with a treasure of inspiration, tips and tricks from this challenge and from my fellow bloggers. This being the last month of the challenge, M chose the theme- ‘Personal’. And oh boy! Have I gone crazy? Trying to put my finger on what I should choose for the theme. Every single day (for the past one month) I woke up with a different theme in my head and by day end I didn’t find it fitting the bill (or the styling)…till a few days back when I was re-arranging hubby’s almirah, I finally found what I wanted to project as personal… but then again, it took a completely a different turn with our GSD ‘Don’ trying to be a part of the shoot! I will come to that part later…

So, here is my take on Photography Styling Challenge #12- Personal

With due permissions in place from the hubby, I chose to style and stage my shoot with hubby’s Uniform accessories! The epaulets, insignia, ribbons, medals, badges etc. all very personal to him for every tenure/year he has put in the service of the nation.

He has saved all of his uniform accessories till date, even the redundant ones. Maybe I ‘ll turn them into a DIY statement piece someday (with due permissions of course!).

These are his things… up, close and absolutely personal…including our German Shepherd, Don, who decided to be a part of the shoot as he got mighty curious to know what was I up to with his master’s belongings!

Don is as possessive about his master and his belongings as is his master about him! I wanted to use hubby’s shoes as part of staging for the photo shoot but Don got a little too possessive about them… with a little chiding from me and a some cajoling from the children he decided to give me a decent pose with the shoes! Mission accomplished!

By the way he is the oldest member of our family; he will turn 10 in September this year, which are 70 in human years. No disrespecting senior citizens in our home! So, if he wanted to be a part of the shoot…no one says no to Don!

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