Indian Laburnum

Indian Laburnum

For most part of the year the Indian Laburnum tree (known as Amaltas in hindi) would go unnoticed, almost nondescript with its scanty foliage and an unimpressive stature for a tree. Come summers, May and June to be specific, the tree bursts into cascading pendulums of incandescent yellow (I find it to be the most glorious/fascinating shade of yellow) with effortless beauty, perhaps it’s from here it derives its other names …of the ‘Golden Shower’ or the ‘Golden Rain’ tree.

Every time I see this tree, laden with golden cascading bunches of delicate flowers, it brings a smile on my face, no matter what state of mood/mind I am in…it happens every time without fail. The sight of this tree is akin to seeing a fantasy becoming real if not viewing a magical show live. And I am so sure in my mind that this must be the clearest way to see a piece of heaven…trying to imagine what it must be like. A Laburnum tree in full bloom… it makes my heart skip a beat, quite literally and I could surrender a treasure to hold on to this glorious sight.

The exotic spectacle, of the yellow blossoms decorating this tree along the roads, in the bright summer sunlight, in Delhi would be hard to miss. The resplendent yellow bursts of colour would surely make you forget the harsh 40+ degree temperatures.

Hubby took me on a whimsical drive last Sunday, on a Laburnum trail, knowing it would make my day 🙂 despite the heat. It was at Amrita Shergill Marg that I decided I had to pay my tribute to it…I had to write about it!

I wish I could compose a song or a poem… for the one sight which effortlessly invigorates my senses and brings immense joy and peace…as I mentioned earlier I find a densely laden Laburnum in its full glory therapeutic…meditative.

The beauty of this tree in full bloom against the clear blue summer skies, gives an instant rush of visual high which is beyond words.

It is one of the most vivid ways in which the nature reminds us that there is a life beyond our hectic schedules, the daily grind, the routine drills… and all you have to do is see the fantasy world around you… or perhaps borrow my eyes ( ! ) to see it that way…I am in love… with Laburnum!

Since its roots do not grow very deep, the tree is not harmful to foundations of buildings, if planted in rows along a driveway or in your garden, it would add an ornamental riot of colour to your home or neighbourhood. This deciduous, low maintenance native tree combines the beauty of ornamental flowers with the size of a small tree, to create a splendid addition to your garden/patio/curb or walkways. This is summer I added one to my garden… 🙂

Read about its medicinal uses here and here, whatever its benefits may be, its visual impact provides enough pleasant feelings to invigorate your senses…

Checkout some beautiful trees around the world here and here

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Nature’s Treasure Trove

This past Sunday I had to chauffeur my son to one of the college entrance exams. The centre for the exam happened to be on the outskirts of the city, about 40 km away. It was an hour’s drive from home.  Although we are almost into a full-fledged north Indian summer but surprisingly it was a pleasant cloudy day. Good for me as I had to kill three hours alone in the car (that was the duration of the exam). When I dropped him at the centre I realized the place was in the middle of nowhere…literally! I could see no coffee shops, tea stalls or anything within the vicinity. Not that I was hungry or anything, we had a scrumptious breakfast early in the morning, considering the day that was ahead of us, plus I did carry some goodies to munch on. I was basically on a forced ‘solo’ picnic! Always in pursuit of ideas and inspiration for DIYs, décor or crafting, I noticed these beautiful trees, laden with lovely bright red flowers a little distance away. I love looking for natural treasures to decorate my home hence I decided to explore the area and drove towards the closest of the trees.

I loved the striking red against the stark grey of the branches… I took a few snaps, with my cell phone (I wish I’d carried my camera), for future mood boards/inspiration boards.

The grass beneath my feet was covered with a carpet of dainty white and yellow wild flowers.

I hopped in my car and drove a little further towards a lane called ‘Jacaranda’… just enjoying the lovely weather, halting wherever I found a sight that I could keep for inspiration.

I didn’t realize how three hours went by and it was time to pick up my son. Tracing my way back to his centre, I made a quick halt… I couldn’t have left without carrying a bit of nature’s treasure trove… to adorn my home!

To see more stories on how I adorn my home with nature’s treasure trove ‘Click Here’.

PS- If anyone knows the name of this red flower, do let me know. I googled with an image but couldn’t zero-in on it.

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