Living Room Ceiling Renovation

The Previous hall/lobby of our home was partitioned by a plywood wall. It converted half of the hall/lobby into a room for a tenant. An attached bathroom with the lobby went into the partitioned room. So, when we shifted  we decided to do away with the plywood wall; it made the lobby look very dark and claustrophobic. Having it removed resulted in a spacious and well lit hall. We decided to design this space into our living area because of its sheer size.

The only eye-sore was the back of the protruding stairs in the ceiling. Weird design, isn’t it? These stairs were on the first floor where my in-laws live. Obviously we couldn’t tear them down as it would have meant tampering with the strength of the stairs on the first floor. The only alternative left with us was to either camouflage it into an accent feature of the living room or conceal it altogether.

Ceiling Renovation
We opted for the latter choice as it seemed less time-consuming. We called in team who specialized in POP work and Gypsum work. I designed the cove/arch type ceiling (which my husband readily drew for the team to execute the design). The idea behind the design was to conceal the stairs in the ceiling, hence its dimensions were completely dictated by its protrusion.

The final look came out pretty nice and the job was quick; 6 days flat! My husband laid out the LED strip in the little space along the entire length of the gypsum cove; it gives a concealed light effect.

We have put a combination of white and yellow LED s; white for cool effect and yellow for a warm glow! The different coloured lights allow me to change the look of the living room depending on the mood!

Sometimes I wonder if there was any other way we could have done it. Any ideas? As of now I am content with the result.


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