diy Wind Chime

How many times have you come across a key you didn’t know where it fit? Were you able to throw/discard it? If you are anything like me, I am sure you must have kept it safely, to be doubly sure that you don’t end up throwing a key which actually opens a lock! Over the years I have ended up with a lot of ‘lost’ keys and I have to admit; I haven’t used any of these keys to open any locks! Somehow I can’t bring myself to throw them away… you never know when I might need them! That’s the fear I’ve been living with, for ages now.

I decided to conquer my fear (kind of) and do something interesting with the ‘lost’ keys. I chanced upon this idea while browsing the internet. I have improvised it to use up all the ‘lonely keys’. I’ll be making a wind chime with my keys! What do I need? Lots of ‘lost’ keys (but of course!), a thread spool and something to hold/hang the keys on (I took out the wire from an old calendar). That’s it!

I spray painted my key chime to add a little colour and to protect the keys from rusting since I intend to hang it in the patio. By the way, if (ever!) I do need any of these keys, (someday?! You never know?!), I know where to look!

Oh, did I mention it sounds divine!

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