Nature’s Treasure Trove

This past Sunday I had to chauffeur my son to one of the college entrance exams. The centre for the exam happened to be on the outskirts of the city, about 40 km away. It was an hour’s drive from home.  Although we are almost into a full-fledged north Indian summer but surprisingly it was a pleasant cloudy day. Good for me as I had to kill three hours alone in the car (that was the duration of the exam). When I dropped him at the centre I realized the place was in the middle of nowhere…literally! I could see no coffee shops, tea stalls or anything within the vicinity. Not that I was hungry or anything, we had a scrumptious breakfast early in the morning, considering the day that was ahead of us, plus I did carry some goodies to munch on. I was basically on a forced ‘solo’ picnic! Always in pursuit of ideas and inspiration for DIYs, décor or crafting, I noticed these beautiful trees, laden with lovely bright red flowers a little distance away. I love looking for natural treasures to decorate my home hence I decided to explore the area and drove towards the closest of the trees.

I loved the striking red against the stark grey of the branches… I took a few snaps, with my cell phone (I wish I’d carried my camera), for future mood boards/inspiration boards.

The grass beneath my feet was covered with a carpet of dainty white and yellow wild flowers.

I hopped in my car and drove a little further towards a lane called ‘Jacaranda’… just enjoying the lovely weather, halting wherever I found a sight that I could keep for inspiration.

I didn’t realize how three hours went by and it was time to pick up my son. Tracing my way back to his centre, I made a quick halt… I couldn’t have left without carrying a bit of nature’s treasure trove… to adorn my home!

To see more stories on how I adorn my home with nature’s treasure trove ‘Click Here’.

PS- If anyone knows the name of this red flower, do let me know. I googled with an image but couldn’t zero-in on it.

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Great Ways to Create a Beautiful Home…Wall Paint Trends

This post won the FIRST PRIZE  in ‘Great Ways to Create a Beautiful Home’ contest on, sponsored by Asian Paints.

Always in pursuit of ideas to create a warm, appealing and a comfortable home…on a budget, I came across this term ‘Chameleon Decor’ as one of the trending decor styles. Wanting to know more about this interesting style I scoured the net; surfing, googling, blog hopping and learned how versatile this style is, with its big impact interchangeable bold accents. All this surfing augmented my ‘Decor Ideas’ folder on decor trends to create a beautiful home. This is the first of the four-part series from my folder; Great ways to create a beautiful home… Wall Paint Trends. I organized all my ‘research’ and personal experiences to start with quick and dramatic ideas with paints. I get this itch in my DIY gene to paint, repaint and repaint, every few months! Here is a sampler!

To read more about my DIY escapades ‘Click here’  and you would know what I mean! So, now you know why I started with ‘Wall Paint Trends’ as my top decorating idea for creating a beautiful home. Do drop by to check out the other three posts, in this series. The second one is on ‘ Great Ways to Create a Beautiful Home- Window Treatments’.

Whether you are planning a complete overhaul of your walls or just adding an accent wall… or DIY-ing for a fresh new look, consider these wall trends that are really hot! It’s good to know what’s hot and what’s not. Personally I don’t believe in trends but I do believe that knowledge is power… power to make better decisions (read inspired decisions). Whether you flow with the trend or make your own mark the choice is yours. So here are 5 (of the many) inspirational wall trends for crafting a beautiful home with walls that reflect your style:

Wall Paint Trend #1– The Chameleon Look… Make way to bring an exotic global look by adding splashes of colour on a neutral base (whites, beige, pastels). Take cue from nature by combining bright colours with neutrals to leave a lasting impression in this textured or non textured look. Using multiple layers of colours on the walls allows you to change the complete look of the room by changing the accessories in the room (to match one of the colours on the walls)…the way a chameleon does!

Wall Paint Trend #2- Breezy Contemporary Look … Use stand alone solids to add spunk and passion to your home. It is advised to use such colours as accent walls… Teem it with matching accessories and the room will be your conversation starter! One can add energy for that fresh and gorgeous look by opting for colours like fuchsia, tangerine, sunny yellow etc.

It doesn’t matter if your room is small, you can experiment using a solid colour if the light, natural or artificial, is ample. These stunning walls weave a spectacular drama of wonderland.

Wall Paint Trend #3- Royal Engagement … Saturated deep hues and enchanting purples (Thanks to Radiant Purple being nominated the colour of the year, this colour is going places! Click here to read a post on it) makes a bold stately home.

Painting such deep hues with a more subtle colour to offset a too dark look is the key to achieve a chic home with a regal elegance.

These walls come to life with various painting techniques. Add a dash of metallic gold, silver or copper and you would nail the imperial look!

Wall Paint Trend #4 – Forever Classic … I guess this is my personal style. I love the muted undertones of warm and cool colours for a cohesive look. Some may call it playing it safe but let me tell you it is extremely challenging to bring such colours to life. If not rightly accessorized the rooms may seem dull and flat. For that calming retreat choose subtle or earthy colours for walls and then work on the various accessories to create that elegant sophistication.

Wall Paint Trend #5 – Crowdy Threesome! A combination of three colours comes into play in this look for your walls. The choice of using three colours for a room adds a fun element; the colours used are from a pastel palette to play this look right. While combining  colours is a great way to create a beautiful home but too many colours can also result in a disastrous effect. To avoid this disaster, always follow the ‘60-30-10’ colour percentage principle, where 60% is the majority colour, 30% is the secondary colour and 10% is the accent colour.

Unify the room using this principle to create an eye-catching contrast or to disguise architectural columns and beams into decorative element of the room. Or go in for various painting techniques that add more colour to your walls artistically.

Now the big question- ‘How does one choose the right colour scheme, the right look, the right technique?’ Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ‘try’ the look in your home before actually settling for the right palette?

It would be fantastic just to try out all possible combinations! Don’t just rely on shade cards before settling for a colour palette. Start crafting a colour scheme to apply to your rooms before actually starting with the paint job… Life has been made easy with technology and Asian Paints right in the luxury of your home… ‘Click here’ to try this out at their website. And also keep these points in mind when you try out the virtual experience of dressing up your walls:

  • Your personal colour choice
  • The purpose of the space (or what the room is for)
  • Size of the space
  • Lighting of the space (natural /artificial)

If you find all this too overwhelming, just login to their website to try Asian Paints Home Solutions Guide and leave your worries to their colour advisors and chew their brains out with your questions, queries and doubts! I did that when our home was being painted about a year and half ago… and boy did I get a patient hearing? I sure did!Of the dozen plus ‘Base homes’ that we lived in, I’ve always had some DIY done with Asian Paints tester jars, I have been to their stores with fabric & paper scraps, thread spools, bindis, to get a matching colour… I always got the colour I wanted…made to order! To check out some more of my DIY wall stories ‘Click Here’. Now that you have all the info, how are you going to dress up your walls? Let your walls do the talking! Happy decorating!

PS- Thanks to Ripple Links for the contest invite.

And super thanks to my friends Nindiya Saket, Avneet Sachdeva and Surabhi Bhatnagar for allowing a peek into their beautiful homes!


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