Decorate with Nature!

If you’re looking to add some flair to your home decor, take a little time to stroll outside your home and see the nature’s bounty in store for you! Need ideas to decorate with nature?

Nature is rich in colour, shape, texture and drama. It inspires decorating, that is simple yet unique and grand. You can start with the simplest and the quickest of the natural elements; potted plants & flowers! It’s amazing what plant life can do to liven a room. A potted blooming plant or a cascading flower arrangement can instantly lift the mood and make the atmosphere serene…

Trekking/holidaying in the mountains/sea-side really excites me, not just for the thrill and adventure but also for the abundance of nature’s treasure! I love collecting fallen pines cones, wood roses, drift wood, shells, rocks, pebbles…the list is endless! I find them all extremely ornamental.

You can use them all to make some of the most striking centre pieces of your home. And believe me; it would be something that can put to shame any decorative piece available at any of the home stores! That reminds me, my pine cone and seashell collection is sitting in a box in my garage… I intend to take it out soon and perhaps I may end up with a post on it!

A handful of dried wheat, barley or paddy stalks, a cache of colorful dried leaves, a bundle of bamboo reeds, twigs, branches, a piece of a tree bark… a bouquet of dried cranium bolts or everlasting flower, a bunch of bulrushes, globes of wild thistle and so much more. Tall wild grasses, rampant throughout the countryside, make striking accent arrangements. This is the stuff that natural decor is made of…it’s bountiful and it’s all for free! Be the bounty hunter, just like me!

Here’s my quick and easy way to add some flair, for an instant decor (all around my home) with the ‘money plant’;

I love making my own scented potpourri; When the roses, bougainvillea, blanket  flower are about to wither away (whether in the plant beds or as cut flowers in vases) I air dry the flower petals and add a few drops of essential oils before packing them up in my little ‘potlis’, which I keep all around the house. This potpourri lasts for at least a couple of months. I stash these little bags in my wardrobe for that lingering floral scent in my clothes!

The ideas are unlimited; let your imagination rule to bring a touch of nature into your home. Nothing artificial can compete with the delicate unusual textures and vibrancy of nature. You see, I’ve given you an excuse to go on a long drive along the countryside… and you will know what I mean…I promise, you will not come back empty-handed! So, what are you waiting for? Go out on a drive or better yet put on your shoes to scour the outdoors!

This is what I picked up the last time I went on a long drive!

I am yet to decide what am I going to do with it? Any ideas? Suggestions?

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