DIY Tiled Dining Hutch

I had a full mind to go in for a built-in Dining Hutch… but going by my mom-in-law’s experience I decided to drop the idea. It’s extremely dusty here in Noida (India), so much so that you can dust the entire day and yet not feel satisfied that your home in dust free. I have learnt to live with  the dust and can ignore it… to an extent!  Going by that experience I decided to go in for a ‘bureau’ look Dining Hutch… a little less dusting! My better half, Akhilesh, drew the design and we explained it our carpenter.


The exterior finish is a combination of veneer and the leftover laminate pieces from the kitchen cabinetry. I wanted this combination so that it would seem as an extended counter of our open kitchen. Since it was designed to be a be an extended counter, we wanted a hassle free counter top. These were the options that we explored:

  • Granite (We could’ve put the same granite that we used in the kitchen but I wanted something different as this hutch is also a part of our living room).
  • Marble / Glass / Matt finish Steel / Tiles

I have always liked the idea of using tiles on tables; they are inexpensive (in comparison to other options), come in a variety of colours and sizes. And you can always change them if you want to bring in a new colour scheme! So easy to lay in… and so easy to clean/maintain! I have had fun using tiles as my table tops in, almost, all the Defence Base houses that we have stayed in (How I wish I had taken pictures!).

We picked up tiles that matched the lime green in our kitchen and I tried out quiet a few combinations before settling for just a plain layout. Actually…the truth is… we argued so much about the combination layout that the only truce was a plain layout! It turned out to be pretty pleasing.

We scoured the markets in Delhi to look for large ‘spoon and fork’ kind of handles but couldn’t find them, finally we settled for these.


I chanced upon these cute little handles much later, I bought them just to add pizzazz to my dining storage. I am still on a look out for a bigger size.


My Dining Hutch may not be  a ‘hutch’ in the traditonal sense but it’s a work-horse; it’s two tier design allows me to keep my trays, readily accessible; it serves as my extended counter for laying out accompaniments and it’s also my coffee machine, pepper mill and breakfast cereal & cookie jars’ permanent station! All this…apart from storing all my party dishes!


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