Happy 2016!

Happy 2016!

Call it a tradition, a ritual, a practice or just an idea romanticizing the act of making New Year’s Resolutions… an idea that wants you to believe in yet another chance to dream with open eyes… mind and heart…an idea that drives you to make these Resolutions; I can bet my life, no one reading this can deny having made some in their lifetime 😉

One changes with time, so does the aspirations. For me, a resolution is an opportunity to gauge my goals and my priorities any time of the year. And yet around the New Year I get adventurous and make some new resolutions…I guess I am a die-hard optimist who is wowed by life in general. Does that sound crazy? Silly perhaps… but I don’t think I want to grow out of it. I like penning down my thoughts, musings, my resolutions in my hand written journal…the old fashion-way. I like to romanticize that my grand children would someday discover my journal and will be excited to read it…I am sure they would be amused to see my hand writing… in an ink pen on an old yellowy faded paper. For the sake of posterity (so, I’d like to believe) and to keep up with the times I have maintained an online journal as well.

I take this time of the year (whether we are travelling or are at home) especially the last couple of days, before I bid adieu to the year, as my time to reflect on the changes that the year brought in, the changes that I want to make in the coming year and my resolutions to follow through. So, am I running with the crowd and going with the usual practice of making and breaking my New Year’s Resolutions? I think not. For the year 2016 I am taking a cue from Ralph Waldo Emerson, my 2016’s #1 Resolution would be:

Happy 2016!

Happy 2016!

Easier said than done but it would be worth the try…practicing this everyday.

If there is anything to take away from 2015, it would be be- The focus should not be on the bigger picture, the idea is to embrace the smaller ones, to begin with, taking one day at a time or better yet one moment at a time…to appreciate all things around me. When I say all the things that makes me happy, I mean- it’s when the people I am surrounded with are happy…And happiness is born from gratitude one feels for loving what you have and for being loved in return. An inspiring feeling… in slowing down, in looking at where am I going… and above all- being grateful.
Anything worthwhile is difficult even if it is as simple as it may seem to keep up with the New Year’s Resolutions…here are my top three Resolutions for the year 2016 (rest in my journal 😉 :

1) Write thrice a week
2) Finish 12 non-fiction by the year-end (no capping on fiction 🙂
3) Stay organised, no matter what.

Cheers to a Happy and a Healthy New Year! Happy 2016!

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New Year Resolutions 2014

New Year … new beginnings, as this year comes to an end my mind races back to all the significant moments of the year 2013…in my personal and professional journey.

I am so full of gratitude to be surrounded by caring people, who have been instrumental in mentoring/making my journey as a mom, wife and a teacher so rewarding and enriching in experience. Here is wishing my friends and family a very happy and prosperous New Year! See you on the other side of the year!

Year end also means setting up new goals, new resolutions, gearing up for challenges. I have never believed that resolutions are meant to be broken. Another thought process – Why does one need to make resolutions only at the beginning of the year? Why not ‘as and when’ or throughout the year? I guess the New Year ushers in hope… hope that things will be better…the best is yet to come. The choice of making these resolutions is absolutely personal… you make ‘em, break ‘em, keep ‘em or not make any at all. I always look forward to make my new year resolutions and my wish list every year.

I like the ritual of putting it down in my diary and then striking it off throughout the year, as I achieve them…knowing that I have been able to keep them (95% of them! ) This year again I have made my diary entry for the New Year- Resolutions 2014.

I would be sharing some with you and the rest is only meant for my family and me (I am a little old school 🙂 ). So here are my lists:

My Personal List:


  • Exercise daily, include jogging.
  • Read one book every month
  • Have 8 glasses of water every day (I am really bad at this!)
  • Take supplements regularly
  • Do my laundry before the ‘Ironing’ guy comes!
  • Be more tech savvy
  • Master Photoshop
  • Be more patient and forgiving
  • Be more planned and organised
  • Try not to procrastinate!



For My Home:


  • Stencil my bedroom wall (with a quote)
  • Stencil my Kitchen wall (with a quote)
  • Complete my son’s room
  • Re-do my daughter’s room
  • Plan for the patio & garden makeover
  • Change window treatments in dining room and my son’s room



That’s a part of my resolution-2014 diary entry… I think it is quite do-able. I hope to strike each of them off my entry! Once again wishing you all a very happy New Year!

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