Floor Seating Ideas

Floor seating may have become a decor fad in recent years but it has been a culture (& tradition) in India from time immemorial. All our religious & traditional ceremonies take place sitting on the floor. Not only in Hinduism but also in many other cultures sitting on the floor connects you to Gaia (Greek personification of Earth)- the energy of Earth, one of the five elements of nature. The other four elements being Fire, Sky, Water and Wind; all five form a part of all religious, traditional or cultural rituals in India.

Coming back to the fad, floor seating definitely has become a more evolved universal concept; luxurious rugs, giant fluffy floor cushions, low tables and lamps & lights, it creates a very relaxed & informal set up for lounging; although not everybody is comfortable with it for various reasons. For those who enjoy sitting on the floor here is a quick and simple floor seating arrangement with things around your home.

I, for one, have always enjoyed working on various projects sitting on the floor (in fact most of them!) hence there is always a corner in our home which has a comfortable, fuss free floor seating (which can be picked up and set up in five minutes flat for cleaning & mopping). All you need is:

  • Any old/extra mattress (you can fold it or keep it full length, depending on the space you have chosen for the arrangement)
  • A single bed sheet/bedcover
  • A mat/straw mat/ thin rug (even a table runner would do) on the wall for your back.
  • A small rug/mat (any shape)
  • A few extra cushions/bolsters (any size)
  • Any low table or cabinet to stow/stash your things (optional)
  • A table lamp (optional)

Choose your space for the seating, I chose this corner

Hang the straw mat/thin rug on to the wall(if it is against the wall) just a couple of inches above the floor or directly above the skirting, assemble the mattress as desired or as the space allows, throw in a few cushions and add a rug in front of the mattress and it’s done! Addition of a low table or a low cabinet acts a utility piece than a mere accessory.

This arrangement was (for one of  our ‘base’ homes) done with the stuff that was otherwise lying in boxes/storage (didn’t buy anything!). It may not look plush in terms of style or luxury but it’s functional and fuss free. 


It won’t take more than 20 minutes of arranging time, from scratch till the end, if you have everything you need.

I am planning to do a floor seating for my son’s room… maybe next weekend, I have started digging for the extra stuff that I need. Till then here are some pictures for inspiration 🙂



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