Photography Styling Challenge #9- Fashion

I can’t believe that we are already in the third month of 2014! The Boards are on! You may find it annoying that I bring up Boards every time, but that’s what we have been living, breathing, eating and, sleeping since the beginning of this year! The situation happens to be the same not only at School but also at my home … this time the professional hazard has trickled down to home as well since our son is taking the Board exams this month. No respite anywhere… We all are waiting for mid April when life shall return to normalcy. We are longing for those stress free ‘phari’(flea market)shopping sprees, mindless outings, family holidays, entertaining, movies, malling, picnics, road trips, ice-cream long drives or just do-nothing and stay-in-bed-all-day!  Oh BTW did I mention that our daughter, too, is taking her Annual Exams? Can’t wait for this month to get over!

Coming back to the post, I always look forward to is the Photography Styling Challenge by M, every month. Practice interior styling and improve your photography in the Photography Styling Challenge. Participants welcome! | Redesigned By MI really enjoy this little interaction and have learned a lot from all the members of this Photograpphy Styling Challenge. This month’s challenge is Fashion. I wish I had a model to work with… everyone whom I approached refused, including my own children and hubby! So I had to improvise… while cleaning & organizing my dressing table I hit upon this idea of going all ‘girlie’ for this month’s challenge! And why not, 8th of March is around the corner! Here is my take on Photography Styling Challenge #9-Fashion… a few of my favourite things… including the flowers and the peacock feather! Inspired by the glossy fashion magazines!

Another shot of big girl play things!

My all time favourite dressy things!

This rose ‘attar’ (concentrated perfume) is a gift from a friend in Dubai, it is heavenly. I love the shape of the bottle too! I tried to make some perfect droplets for this pic , tried the glycerin trick but failed in my attempts… any tips?

It took me a while to find this pair of white sandals, almost a year-long search!  It’s been three years since then, they look new don’t they? Because I do take good care… also, I’ve just worn them twice!:-)

That’s it, from me to M’s PSC…do hop over to these other amazingly talented members of this challenge, you would will love ‘em all, I promise! And happy to know that this group is growing!

To check out last month’s Photography Styling Challenge #8- Patterns ‘click here’.

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