Organize and Decorate with Things at Home

Till date I haven’t been able to understand my mom’s (and my mom-in-law’s) insistence on keeping the nice crockery, crystal bowls, exquisite bed covers mats/cushion covers etc. hidden in the closets or cupboards. I have never seen them use any of it! The ‘logical’ reasoning that I have, forever, been getting (from them) is- “It’s for the special guests/occasions”. I am yet to see that ‘special’ guest or the ‘special’ occasion! B’coz whenever a special occasion or a guest did arrive, the ‘logical’ reasoning then changed to- ‘They can do without it/ why get in the hassle / it might break!’ Hellooo! Wasn’t it bought for the same reason?!! I guess the fear of losing (breaking) their collection stops them from using it. So… what I am trying to say here is, that all those pretty prized possessions  are going to go waste and may not remain pretty when eventually brought out  for display/ use! I really wish I could get my hands on their stuff and lay it out for them!

Sounds familiar? I bet it does!

Learning from them, I have promised myself never to let anything (new, old or expensive) sit in my cupboard for more than 3 months, if it’s been bought for home; it better be put to use. That’s the rule I follow. There are so many ways to organize and decorate with things at home; one can change the look of their home without spending a penny. One of the great ways to de-clutter and organize tit-bits around your home is to use containers to corral things.

love using trays, shallow dishes, boxes, platters and baskets to organize clutter all around my home… until I have time to sort and put things back in their designated places.

These containers not only help in corralling things, they also disguise the clutter or chaos on the table tops/ counter top. Let me put it this way- Containers bring order to the chaos and make it all look fab!

There is no rule that says that I can’t use my pottery dishes on my bedside table or anywhere in my home! It doubles as my clutter hold-all and as additional crockery as and when needed!

My shallow glass dishes work as my candle holders, perfume bottle holder, incense holders, potpourri holders and so much more. Display a pretty glass bowl on a table top, fill it with fruit or floating flowers, or pillar candles. 

Baskets, especially wicker baskets, are my all time favourite organizing ‘work horses’. They come in so many versatile and appealing shapes and sizes that you can never have enough of them, ever! I use them all over my house for de-cluttering anything and everything around the house. They also make great ‘carry-around’ buddies.

If you have lovely stuff just sitting in the cupboard waiting for special occasions, its time you took them out. Rummage through your cupboards and take out things that have been sitting there forever and ever and use them! Everything that you use will jazz up your home decor and will make you feel happy that you’ve been able to do something that your mom / mother-in-law couldn’t!

Instead of hiding your pretty dishes, baskets, boxes, trays, containers, vases, crockery etc., display them in your home; Put them to use. Have fun creating a mix and match of unique decor for your home with the things you already have; making each day a ‘special’ occasion and YOU being the ‘special’ guest! After all, it’s better to use it every day than to lose it in a day…without using it even once!


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