Quick DIY Arrangement for Christmas

Yesterday while coming back from work, I realized I haven’t done anything to welcome the festive season this year.  How can I not welcome the festive spirit without decorating (in the theme) my home! At 4 in the evening I felt I must do something to bring in some joy and cheer into my home. And of course it had to be handmade, so I attempted something in a jiffy… here is my quick DIY arrangement for Christmas…20 minutes tops!

We have four palm trees in our garden, huge ones. I requested our gardener (who, luckily, was there)to cut a few seed strands of the palm tree.

I taped the strands to form rings and spray painted them in gold.

I wanted to bring in the colours of the festival … using this green table mat as my base for the table décor.

On a glass plate I assembled the palm seed rings, added a red candle vase and pinned a few shimmery poinsettia that I made a couple of days back; to know how I made these shimmery poinsettia {click here}… they are really simple to make.

Somewhere I felt I should raise the height of the red candle vase… so I tried these two bowls (turned upside down), I chose the brass bowl (it kind of added a golden gleam to the setting).

Here it is… quick and easy festive arrangement. The rings (or a wreath) can be made, the same way, using the green foliage available at the local florist for as inexpensive as 25 rupees a bunch (and it lasts for more than a fortnight). You may also use ‘morpankhi/vidya’ (Thuja ) for the rings.

Seeing me do my bit, my lil one chipped in by making a miniature quilling Christmas tree.

It looks adorable, don’t miss the star on top! The base is rolled pastel paper, stuffed with cotton and the Christmas tree’s trunk is a sipping straw and she used toothpicks for the branches (my little recycling Diva!).

Both of us collected a few things from around the house to set up her lovely DIY project right at the entrance of our home… I so love it!

Wishing one and all a very happy Christmas!



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DIY Headboard

Headboards not only give the room a focal point, but also add ‘drama’ to the finished look of the bed and the bedroom; and needless to say they make sitting in the bed comfortable! All the theory about ‘focal point’ and ‘finished look’ had to be trashed when I was designing for Yashaana’s bed. She made one thing very clear, she wanted a headboard with changeable covers  matching her curtains or the bed sheets! The bed I designed for her albeit had ample under bed box storage, drawer storage at the foot-board, but was without a grand headboard (the initial design had a lovely scalloped headboard).  The bed  had a simple one foot high attached headboard. The idea was to add another piece as the headboard as an extension which gave me the flexibilty to change upholstery as per Yashaana’s request.

The leftover piece of a ply board (5’ x 2’) lying in the basement became the base for the DIY project that I had in mind for her headboard. The idea was simple; to make a wall mounted headboard with a ply board that is covered with 3 inch thick sheet of sponge and cloth. It turned out to be a pretty neat DIY Headboard replacement against an expensive one! The whole idea of doing it myself gives me a high and a sense of satisfaction that I have been able to utilize the available resources/unused items lying at home, with least bit of expenditure. It took me four hours to complete this project. The following photographs are a broad guideline of how we (Yashaana & Self) did it. The first step was to cut and glue the 3” sponge sheet to completely cover right side of the 5’ x 2’ ply board.

Then I covered the sponge with a cloth (in this case I had an extra curtain from Yashaana’s Bedroom!) and before I stapled the cloth at the back to finish the look I tried my hand at quilting. For quilting we covered some wooden buttons with a shocking pink velvet and left a long trail of quilting thread (so that it could be pulled back sandwiching the cloth cover, sponge and the ply board). I secured the pulled back buttons ( to stay in ‘pulled back’ state) by tying a simple knot over small pieces of waste cloth. Although the quilting didn’t turn out to be as great as I had expected but never the less it looked just fine with the pink buttons sitting in the centre of the petaled flowers.

Before we hung the Headboard, we decided to add a dash of white highlight (with fabric colour) to the grey flowers on the cloth.

The final look! Not bad for a first timer!

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