Quick DIY Arrangement for Christmas

Yesterday while coming back from work, I realized I haven’t done anything to welcome the festive season this year.  How can I not welcome the festive spirit without decorating (in the theme) my home! At 4 in the evening I felt I must do something to bring in some joy and cheer into my home. And of course it had to be handmade, so I attempted something in a jiffy… here is my quick DIY arrangement for Christmas…20 minutes tops!

We have four palm trees in our garden, huge ones. I requested our gardener (who, luckily, was there)to cut a few seed strands of the palm tree.

I taped the strands to form rings and spray painted them in gold.

I wanted to bring in the colours of the festival … using this green table mat as my base for the table décor.

On a glass plate I assembled the palm seed rings, added a red candle vase and pinned a few shimmery poinsettia that I made a couple of days back; to know how I made these shimmery poinsettia {click here}… they are really simple to make.

Somewhere I felt I should raise the height of the red candle vase… so I tried these two bowls (turned upside down), I chose the brass bowl (it kind of added a golden gleam to the setting).

Here it is… quick and easy festive arrangement. The rings (or a wreath) can be made, the same way, using the green foliage available at the local florist for as inexpensive as 25 rupees a bunch (and it lasts for more than a fortnight). You may also use ‘morpankhi/vidya’ (Thuja ) for the rings.

Seeing me do my bit, my lil one chipped in by making a miniature quilling Christmas tree.

It looks adorable, don’t miss the star on top! The base is rolled pastel paper, stuffed with cotton and the Christmas tree’s trunk is a sipping straw and she used toothpicks for the branches (my little recycling Diva!).

Both of us collected a few things from around the house to set up her lovely DIY project right at the entrance of our home… I so love it!

Wishing one and all a very happy Christmas!



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