DIY Message Boards

I’d been wanting to do this project for a while now but something or the other kept cropping up… finally I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours to make message boards for my son and daughter’s study table.

Local businesses here have this annoying practice of promoting their brands on the exterior walls of private property. One can see various signage displayed (not legally) all around residential areas, especially gates of private homes. My father in law and I totally despise this practise and I am sure so do many others). Can’t do anything about it as these signage, boards, hoarding are put quite late at night. Usually, we remove and trash such advertisements but this time I decided to put a couple of these to a more productive use.

Hooked on HomesI used two of such metal boards (hung on our gate) to make magnetic message boards! It was simple, I removed and cleaned the metal sheet advertisement stuck on our gate and covered them fabric remnants that matched the decor of my children’s rooms…threw in some button magnets and it was ready!

For the pin board I used old packaging Styrofoam (half-inch thick) sheets lying in our basement. I pasted a cardboard sheet (cut out from a carton) to the Styrofoam and then covered it with cloth. Here’s the end product…quite functional! And money-saving too! The only money I spent in this project was on the button magnets INR 40/- for a set of six. Cool! Isn’t it?

I don’t feel harassed anymore, in fact I wait for these advertisements on our gate or walls so that I can pull them down and turn them into such boards for gifting to my friends’ children! Unfortunately or fortunately no one  has put up their promotion boards in long time now!

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