Nature’s Treasure Trove

This past Sunday I had to chauffeur my son to one of the college entrance exams. The centre for the exam happened to be on the outskirts of the city, about 40 km away. It was an hour’s drive from home.  Although we are almost into a full-fledged north Indian summer but surprisingly it was a pleasant cloudy day. Good for me as I had to kill three hours alone in the car (that was the duration of the exam). When I dropped him at the centre I realized the place was in the middle of nowhere…literally! I could see no coffee shops, tea stalls or anything within the vicinity. Not that I was hungry or anything, we had a scrumptious breakfast early in the morning, considering the day that was ahead of us, plus I did carry some goodies to munch on. I was basically on a forced ‘solo’ picnic! Always in pursuit of ideas and inspiration for DIYs, décor or crafting, I noticed these beautiful trees, laden with lovely bright red flowers a little distance away. I love looking for natural treasures to decorate my home hence I decided to explore the area and drove towards the closest of the trees.

I loved the striking red against the stark grey of the branches… I took a few snaps, with my cell phone (I wish I’d carried my camera), for future mood boards/inspiration boards.

The grass beneath my feet was covered with a carpet of dainty white and yellow wild flowers.

I hopped in my car and drove a little further towards a lane called ‘Jacaranda’… just enjoying the lovely weather, halting wherever I found a sight that I could keep for inspiration.

I didn’t realize how three hours went by and it was time to pick up my son. Tracing my way back to his centre, I made a quick halt… I couldn’t have left without carrying a bit of nature’s treasure trove… to adorn my home!

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PS- If anyone knows the name of this red flower, do let me know. I googled with an image but couldn’t zero-in on it.

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