My ‘Treasured’ Coffee Table!

My penchant for collecting ‘just-about-everything-under-the-sun’ to satiate my creative urges has had the entire family going bonkers!

‘Gangarams’ on MG Road, Bangalore, ‘Venus Traders’ and ‘Tulsi Baug’ in Pune, ‘Crawford’ in Mumbai, ‘Staples’ in GIP-Noida, ‘Sita Ram’ and ‘Yash’ in South Ex. New Delhi, ‘Thukral Brothers’ in Karol Bagh and Chawri Bazaar in Delhi; these are my all time favourite haunts! I visit them as often as I can or I ensure my hubby dearest visits them (with my lists) when he tours. That’s how addicted I am! By the way I haven’t revealed all of them!

All rooms, in all of our previous homes (there were many) always had a stolen corner or a place where I would stash my art & craft supplies, DIY tools, handmade paper etc; be it my husband’s almirah, my children’s wardrobe, study room cabinets, living room bureau, Kitchen storeroom…the list is endless! Needless to say my own wardrobe and dresser! Thank God for my family’s tremendous resilience to put up with my hobbies!

The biggest trouble has always been, storing my huge collection of handmade sheets and craft paper (all 3’ X 2’ in size). I could never bring myself to roll them up for storage. Can you guess how have I been storing it (‘flat’ of course!) till now? I used to place heaps of sheets under the mattresses of all the beds, in all the three bedrooms! At times I wonder why hasn’t my family disowned me till now?!

Anyhow, having given you the entire story about my ‘eccentricities’ and the discomfort that I had been causing (for so many years), to my family; my earnest desire was to own customized storage furniture/unit for my various collections; especially, for my handmade paper collection. I had in mind, a 3.10’ X 2.10’, 14” high and 6” deep coffee table to store my paper collection (to store them ‘flat’ of course!). My hubby quickly drew a rough sketch of the coffee table and that first sketch was exactly what I wanted! You will soon know why I call it- My “Treasured’ Coffee Table!

The idea of re-purposing the old kitchen cabinets (the coffee table’s dimensions fit the idea) was stuck in my head; Hubby dearest sawed out the best, two, pieces from the old cabinets (the old pantry doors). Our carpenter was happy to make the coffee table of my dreams!

A teak veneer was used to cover the old cabinetry ply boards aka the “Hardworking” Coffee Table! It was polished and buffed from the outside; inside out you will see the memories of the old kitchen.

Finally, I own a ‘storeroom’ that sits pretty in the center of our living room! I am in love with my Coffee Table! Not because it holds my precious treasure but also because I could re use the old cabinets.

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Lamps-A Colorful Drama!

Lamps can magically transform a room from blah to Aha! A happy mix of accent, mood, decorative & task lamps in various sizes can bring an eclectic ambience to your home; depending on how you choose to display them. Lamps can be used not only to highlight the best in your home but also to subdue not so great corner of your room. They help in space appearing visually expanded , especially the smaller ones. One can achieve wonderful effects in creating a warm and inviting home using functional or decorative lamps (or dual purpose lamps).Try experimenting with what you have! One need not break a bank to procure a decorative lamp, a simple terracotta lamp ( you may have seen along the roadsides) can add that zing to your home!

And if you are in a showroom… it becomes a huge project settling for THE one! Everything seems nice and pretty in there but zeroing in for that one lamp takes forever! We finally settled on this mughal/turkish style lamp for a simple reason that it added drama to our plain creme walls. That much required pop of colour in our master bedroom was taken care of by this lovely multicoloured glassware lamp.

DSCN6097A colourful Drama-2

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