Hassle Free Table Tops!

Knowing my children and my hubby (sometimes, even, myself!), I had to think of extremely practical surface tops for the heavy traffic area in our home. By ‘practical’, I mean rugged, heavy-duty and breakage resistant material and water, tea, coffee, aerated drinks, nail polish remover, colours, paint proof material! I haven’t covered more weirder stuff! I wanted absolutely hassle proof table tops as I wanted some peace of mind! Glass was an option but it’s very common. I could have tried toughened coloured glass…I don’t know why I didn’t. Anyhow, I decided to settle for this lovely looking yellowy natural granite (Mysore Granite). I used this granite on my bedside tables, chest of drawers and my son’s extended study unit; these are the places which attract the most spillage/staining in my home… not even on my dining table suffers that much!

We measured these tables and got the granite cut to fit the size of the top with an inch of an overhang. The tricky design of one of my bedside table is dictated by the concrete pillar which is oddly placed in the master bedroom. The bedside table was designed to occupy less space yet provide ample storage. It basically hugs the pillar!

I have tested these tops and love its look… most importantly I don’t go nagging after my family for the spillage & staining that they cause; they find it easy to clean. And I don’t mind their mess anymore!

Whats your story… how do you keep up your table tops/surfaces?

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