Photography Challenge # 5- Bedroom

Today, the second day after Diwali and a holiday… I got a little extra time to be on the internet. Browsing through some of my favourite blogs, one of them being Redesigned by M, I decided to do this post as my entry for the Photography Challenge # 5- Bedroom.

Honestly, I didn’t have to do much (post Diwali cleaning, everything looks good for at least a few weeks! ;-)). Just propped and fluffed up the pillows, straightened them a bit (everything looks so crooked in the camera, I wonder why). So here is my entry for the Photography Challenge # 5- Bedroom.

Holiday means getting up late! I just love the morning view from the bedroom window (from my bed)… that’s another excuse to be in bed till late! You see I am at work… admiring nature!

This is how I do up my bed before I leave for work every day.

Okay, an honest confession… I do leave it messy every once in a while when I am running late but I am sure it’s allowed… or is it not? Anyhow, I have trained my children to do theirs… my daughter follows it to the T everyday and I have no comments for my son’s bedroom… lesser said is better. 

Coming back to the topic, at the end of the day (generally post dinner) this becomes the sight of my bedroom, especially my side of the bed.

I know what you all must be thinking… shop-talk on bed! Yes, shop-talk on bed… please don’t judge me… I don’t feel like sitting in my home office at the end of the day leaving my cosy and comfortable bedroom. I like to stretch my legs straight, prop up against all the pillows and perch up my lappy on my bed-table and browse the net or read a book or sketch… that’s my hour! The only deal that I have to honour for that one hour is that I do not mess my husband’s side of the bed! He hates the clutter I create.

I try to keep the deal but sometimes I end up with too much of a clutter all over the bed and that’s the day I get an ML (moral lecture!) from him for this bad habit. I will definitely try to mend my ways… maybe after the winters 😉

There may not great photography or great styling in the photographs but I definitely enjoyed the shoot and the write-up. And yes, I am open to suggestions and criticism… bring it on!

Thanks M @ Redesigned by M for this challenge (a first for a newbie like me!).

Take a peek at the other participants and their work for this challenge:

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Headboard Ideas

When designing for Headboards for the beds in our home I went crazy browsing the web. Found some unique designs, liked them a lot but couldn’t incorporate them in any of my designs (as it didn’t work out with the decor). Anyhow, I especially liked the following Headboard Ideas. Maybe someday I will do it for friends/relatives or perhaps for myself.
HeadBoard Ideas
The Headboard  pictures also carries the name of the blog or the website that posted them. Although my all time favourite collection is with Better homes and Gardens. They have the most awesome collection! These headboards not only look unique but seem so very do-able. One can draw inspiration from them to replace the material used in them with something unique (and available!) lying with you. Could be anything from old book jackets, posters, placemats, ‘chattai’ (wicker rugs), framed hessian cloth or simply hang a series of similar sized single coloured or multicoloured cushions as your headboard!

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DIY Headboard

Headboards not only give the room a focal point, but also add ‘drama’ to the finished look of the bed and the bedroom; and needless to say they make sitting in the bed comfortable! All the theory about ‘focal point’ and ‘finished look’ had to be trashed when I was designing for Yashaana’s bed. She made one thing very clear, she wanted a headboard with changeable covers  matching her curtains or the bed sheets! The bed I designed for her albeit had ample under bed box storage, drawer storage at the foot-board, but was without a grand headboard (the initial design had a lovely scalloped headboard).  The bed  had a simple one foot high attached headboard. The idea was to add another piece as the headboard as an extension which gave me the flexibilty to change upholstery as per Yashaana’s request.

The leftover piece of a ply board (5’ x 2’) lying in the basement became the base for the DIY project that I had in mind for her headboard. The idea was simple; to make a wall mounted headboard with a ply board that is covered with 3 inch thick sheet of sponge and cloth. It turned out to be a pretty neat DIY Headboard replacement against an expensive one! The whole idea of doing it myself gives me a high and a sense of satisfaction that I have been able to utilize the available resources/unused items lying at home, with least bit of expenditure. It took me four hours to complete this project. The following photographs are a broad guideline of how we (Yashaana & Self) did it. The first step was to cut and glue the 3” sponge sheet to completely cover right side of the 5’ x 2’ ply board.

Then I covered the sponge with a cloth (in this case I had an extra curtain from Yashaana’s Bedroom!) and before I stapled the cloth at the back to finish the look I tried my hand at quilting. For quilting we covered some wooden buttons with a shocking pink velvet and left a long trail of quilting thread (so that it could be pulled back sandwiching the cloth cover, sponge and the ply board). I secured the pulled back buttons ( to stay in ‘pulled back’ state) by tying a simple knot over small pieces of waste cloth. Although the quilting didn’t turn out to be as great as I had expected but never the less it looked just fine with the pink buttons sitting in the centre of the petaled flowers.

Before we hung the Headboard, we decided to add a dash of white highlight (with fabric colour) to the grey flowers on the cloth.

The final look! Not bad for a first timer!

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