False Ceiling in the Master Bedroom

When we started renovating this house, there was nothing really concrete in our mind; we tackled problems as they came along. We dealt with each of the design related problems with minimal resources and time (since we had to shift in before the academic session began). This is how the master bedroom looked before the renovation.


Our master bedroom saw two major changes: one, the shifting of the huge wardrobe and its makeover (read about it ‘here’)and two, creating a false ceiling in the master bedroom for aesthetics. We decided to go in for false ceiling as the existing support beam in the bedroom seemed to divide the room into two (making it look smaller) and we wanted a seamless look, especially after we had moved the wardrobe 4 feet away from the wall… you can read about the faux wall that we created with the wardrobe ‘here’. Oh… we also aligned one of the two fans in the bedroom, to the center of the room.

We added three built in LEDs to the false ceiling just to add a little WOW! factor to the ceiling décor…

 I guess we were inspired by the dramatic look of the living room ceiling ( to see the “Living Room Ceiling Makeover” click here ).

Work in progress in the master bedroom…

Here is a before and after picture… with the false ceiling in the master bedroom and the LEDs in place.



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The ‘Great’ Wall Makeover!

If you haven’t read my post – ‘ The Great Wall!’  Click here to read it, to know the background of this wall makeover! I was very happy with what we had achieved with the existing wardrobe in the master bedroom. We didn’t make any structural changes in the room, we didn’t break a wall, we didn’t ruin the wardrobe and we didn’t waste anything! We were making it possible, without doing anything! With the wardrobe turned around and its back facing the room; I had another canvas to work on! A lot of brainstorming went into how to give it a makeover. Let me share some of them with you (not the gross & weird ones!):

  • Turn it into an accent wall with a bright paint job.
  • Paint it the same colour as the walls, so that the room still appears spacious.
  • Mount narrow shelves on it and turn it into a display wall.
  • Dress it up as a headboard for the king-sized bed.
  • Put a full size photo poster of our favourite holiday destination Goa!
  • Wall paper it, to give a stone wall effect.

We both agreed on wall paper option (for once we agreed!). Both of us being Libran it has always been difficult to agree/decide on something so easily! The next step was choosing the wall paper. AHA! There it was…once again we had to agree to disagree or disagree to agree!!!  To cut a long story short –

supritichauhan And then the intervention by the children! And then settle on neutral turf! Whew! That’s the story of my life. Does it sound familiar?! In all its seriousness, the choice of wall paper was Akhilesh’s, just as was the idea! The entire credit goes to him. (There I have said it babes! Let the world be my witness! You can’t complain now!)

The entire family prepared the base by sanding and priming the back of the wardrobe for its makeover.

Finally the chosen wall paper was pasted on the prepared surface. And this wall paper didn’t cost us a bomb; we bought two rolls for INR 1400/- from Chawri Bazaar, Delhi. I am still left with 3 quarters of a roll which I keep using here and there for smaller makeovers.

Here is a close look at the textured wall paper.

This is how the wardrobe aka false wall, in the master bedroom looks now!

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The ‘Great’ Wall!

The old gigantic, mammoth wardrobes attached with one entire wall of the master bedroom did a lot to the room; It hit you in your face, it screamed – LOUD! It was hideous, dark, depressing, unsightly, over bearing and absolutely unwanted! But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that storage wise it was FANTASTIC! 

Our initial thought was to paint them white so that it doesn’t appear so imposing. But Akhilesh came up with this bright idea that it should be pulled apart and used as required. So we pulled it out (it took two days) and realized, it can’t be separated (into smaller units) very easily as it was joined by a single board at the back. And the idea was to re-use it, not waste it.

Went back to our ‘Idea Book’ (our drawing book), broke our heads over it for a couple of days, finally decided to remove just the corner open storage unit of the wardrobe (to be utilized elsewhere). Now we were left with three quarters of the remaining wardrobe. 

Since there was no dressing area in the master bedroom, we decided to create a galley dressing area using the three quarters of the wardrobe. So, the gigantic wardrobe was turned around, its back facing the room. The idea was to make it work as a privacy wall between the bedroom and the galley dressing area! Now all we had to do was give it a make over. .. could we do it? To find out Click here – ‘The Great Wall Makeover’ and see for yourself!

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