Importance of Color Play in the Bedroom

It is a known fact that colors have an intense impact in our life; they are the mood swinger. Just as they help in alleviating blues, they may also add more to it. Balancing colors help in creating harmony in one’s life  and it’s not such a difficult ballgame.

Your home is your canvas to play with colors. So, is it important what color you choose? Absolutely, especially if it’s for your bedroom. Your bedroom is your getaway…your abode…your retreat to recharge & re-energize after a long day. Should you go random with your choice? Ideally, no…but then it’s your call in the end. To understand the importance of color play in the bedroom, take a look at the color wheel, it would help if you know  bit about the color theory.

Knowing the warm from cool colors makes life simpler in choosing and co-ordinating.  Looking at the color wheel you would know how to combine complimentary colors to get a better visual appeal.

The next dilemma? Permanent versus Temporary. With permanent solid color adorning the bedroom wall, the flexibility reduces…one has to stick to the same color palette, till the time you decide to repaint. Opting for versatile neutral tones (warm or cool) for the bedroom walls help create a surreal and calming experience. Also, neutral tones help in reducing stress, help you relax, induce sleep (all this equals greater romance quotient!) But then does that mean one can never go in for a bold solid colors? Choose by all means but bear in mind that you would be stuck with it for a while. The best way out would be to go with the bold solid colors as a statement or accent wall (that is, choose to paint only one wall of your bedroom with such colors).

Based on the seasons incorporate these little elements of color in your bedroom:-      

Keep ‘His’ and ‘Her’ sensibilities intact; try choosing a neutral color for the bedroom curtains and walls. Such colors also complement accessories in any color.

Take the temporary way out to create an elegant and sophisticated haven. Neutral colors give you the freedom to buy any colored bed linen. Good bed linen should be the focal point in your bedroom not only for aesthetics but more importantly for comfort.

Pick-up coördinated cushion covers and place-mats to go with the bedspreads or curtains.

Choose accessories that compliment the bedspreads you buy. Accessorize with colored lampshade, vase, showpiece, candles, rugs, plants, flowers, photo frames etc.

Being drawn to certain colors is a form of subconscious therapy as it connects you to happy memories embedded in your subconscious. Does that mean you always stick to the same color? Be brave; don’t be afraid to inject some color into your bedroom to trigger ‘dormant’ happier memories!

Whether you live in your own home or in a rented accommodation, just go ahead and add color to your bedroom; rummage through your stuff , your duppatas, sarees, silk blouse pieces which you never got stitched, silk scarves etc are your potential decorating aids!; rehash, rearrange, mix and match things around your home to create a coördinated look in your bedroom (you always have the option of re-doing it!). Create your magical haven with the right balance of colors… neither too loud nor too dull, just magical! Happy decorating! 🙂







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