Uses of a Tablet PC

My daughter has opted for ‘Fine Arts’ as one of her subjects in Grade 9. She is thoroughly enjoying her classes. And so am I…looking at her enthusiasm! She has taken over all my art tools and other collection… I am happy to share it all with her. I have this collection of old Walter Foster art series (collected them when I was in school!) using my tablet (also hijacked by her!) she has compiled the art series on the tablet, theme wise … That’s her collection now. So instead of art books/papers, she generates a soft copy, turns it into a PDF and stores it all on the tablet PC. Want to know how she does it and ‘How to Tame Paper Clutter with a Tablet?

Uses of a Tablet PC

Uses of a Tablet PC

While you are at it, do click here to read some other uses of a tablet, other than the usual ones. Recently her art teacher sent her a photograph, of the project that was her home assignment for the long weekend, on WhatsApp; which my daughter downloaded on the tablet and she worked through the weekend to complete it. And guess who her ‘art caddy’ was… the Tablet!

Giving you a glimpse of her work in progress… not bad for a first timer with acrylics!

In any case I love whatever she does 🙂 She likes to sit on the floor to work on her projects…me too! This is one of the reasons why I need to have a comfortable floor seating area in every room of our home. Look at the degree of comfort that she has with the Dell tablet.

Initially I was a little apprehensive about it but the ease of use and the durable/tough outer shell and the glass surface are mighty strong to take a 14 year old’s experiments! Seriously, it is a tough gadget indeed. For a Fine Art student it is fantastic gadget/technology. Not only does one get to store reference resources but also can edit/modify the resource before actually executing it on a canvas or any other surface. It is faster and simpler doing it on the gadget than doing it on paper…saves you a lot of time.

Here is the final look, of the first of the three series painting!

Acrylic Painting @ Hooked on Homes!

Acrylic Painting @ Hooked on Homes!

I took this picture a month back when the Gulmohar trees ( Delonix Regia) were in full bloom.

This picture became an inspiration…

…for her to submit a small 8 inches by 5 inches canvas as part of her practical assignment at School.

I am so happy with the way she has taken to the tablet… not just for games and the internet but for a constructive/productive use. How do you use your tablet? Any ideas to share?


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