Spray Paint- to make your ceiling fan look like new!

The summer break is on… the best time for me to indulge in a whole load of DIYs and other stuff that I have been putting off. Every day I get up and press the buttons of my mommy mode and the busy homemaker mode! I love it all! I make a ‘to-do’ list (five things in a day) of things that I have wanted to do but couldn’t take out time in the past (or rather have pushed it into my vacation calendar!). The list has become long but if I continue to follow my plan I am sure I should be able to strike off everything off my list before the vacations get over (June last week). So, you might see a lot of activity on my blog in the weeks to come!

Generally the ceiling fans get cleaned every four months or so (that’s how dusty it is in this part of the world).

As an annual practice I spray paint all the fans at our home every year during Diwali time; a time when the entire house is brought down for the Diwali cleaning spree, just a few sprays while they are where they are… on the ceiling! I know it sounds not such a great idea, of literally hanging on the step-ladder trying to spray a few swoosh! But then what’s life without a little circus! It isn’t that we haven’t tried hiring someone to do it for us, we did…and it wasn’t a very pretty sight. Since then I have taken it upon myself to do the job, with the entire house supporting the ladder for me!

So much for my DIY chronicles…yesterday there was no such circus…one of the ceiling fans at home was taken out, for it was making a weird noise, the electrician wanted to check it. And while he checked it, I asked him to take a 20 minute break by offering him some tea and snacks… I needed those 20 minutes! The ceiling fan was down… on the floor! How could I resist that opportunity!?

Armed with my white spray-can, I spread some newspapers and gave the fan a quick coat of paint and it was as good as new! And all this before he could finish his tea! Even he admired the quick paint job and was surprised to see how soon the spray paint had dried. Up went the ceiling fan as white as snow!

Ok, maybe not as white as snow…close to it!

These spray cans are quite addictive; they are my instant makeover tools! If nothing works just spray paint!!

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7 thoughts on “Spray Paint- to make your ceiling fan look like new!

  1. Wow, Creative and low budget way of remodeling the home. Have taken the idea n now I’ m gonna paint my kids fan pink in color.

  2. Wow! Where did you buy the spray paint? Are they available in regular hardware stores?

    • Yes Harini, they are available at any regular paint shop… price ranges between 120 to 250 rupees (depending on colours).

  3. What kind of spray paint do you use?

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