Revamping Old Tables

Do you find getting rid of things difficult? I find it really hard…in fact my biggest paranoia is that the day I decide to do away with something that I haven’t used in a while, the very next day there will arise a dire need / urgency of that very thing! Does it happen with you? or is it just me? Thank God for my better half who keeps the entire house sane and clutter free! He ensures that I don’t hang on to a thing if it isn’t being used. But then…there always are some things you just can’t throw away; even he agrees to it(rather… I force him to!). Mostly there is a sentimental value attached to it and one values the sheer pleasure of having it around.. And if that thing also turns out to be a useful home accessory…nothing like it! One such thing (among many others!) is a very old collapsible table which belonged to my husband’s grandfather. It’s around 90 years old.

Revamping old tables
I retrieved it from the storeroom at our farm-house. Everything about the table was fine except its top (I don’t have a before photo for this). It was chipped  and peeling in layers. I didn’t have to do much actually, I just removed the damaged surface using a chisel and my butcher knife and sanded it with an emery paper. I bought a box of bottle green 8×8 ceramic tiles (thankfully this tile size was just right).

To make my job simpler, I glued the tiles on the prepared surface using PVA glue. Once set, I used yellow grout to fill up the tile joints. Voila! Here’s peek at my revamped ‘Portuguese’ inspired vintage side table.

Here’s another old table that my daughter and I revamped recently to match with the decor in the master bedroom. We spread some PVA glue on to the white mica table top and pasted the left over wall paper that I used for revamping gigantic wardrobe in the master bedroom ( to read that story click here).

How do you like the revamp? How do you spunk up your old furniture?

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  1. Beautiful !,very attractive outcome and above all a GREAT tribute to our Grandfather.

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