Recycle Bottle Case

Earlier I would store my paint brushes in a horizontal tray or in an open jar/stand. It was fine… except for the fact that if I stored them horizontally, carrying them, in a cumbersome tray, was always a problem (I can’t sit at one place and paint) and open jar attracted too much dust. A Pringles jar was an option but way too small for my long brushes. My problem was solved when I raided my husband’s bar, in search for something to hold my brushes! Look, what I found; a heavy duty cardboard liquor bottle case!

It was just right for storing my brushes, painting accessories and so much more. All it needed was a little recycle magic!

Here is my 10 minute DIY project:

Choose a decorative wrapping paper (I chose this ‘Devanagiri Script’ paper from my treasured collection) measure and cut it to fit the bottle case. Apply PVA glue evenly onto the bottle case and paste the pre-cut paper. And it’s done!

You may apply clear polyurethane just to give it durability and shine.

My painting tools are so much organised now.

How about storing candles or spaghetti in them!

What more can be they be used for? Any Ideas!

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