Radiant Orchid…Color of 2014

Browsing the internet sometime in September, last year, I came across this report by Refinery 29‘Colour Predictions for 2014 by Pantone’, since then I wanted to do a post on it…but then I decided to wait until the New Year… in other words – I forgot about it! I get caught up with so many things all at once that I don’t do justice to any of them… need to learn to prioritize.

Coming back to the post… having rediscovered my folder, here is the reveal (most of you may already know it)…Radiant Orchid…the color of 2014! Making it a little less complicated (for my hubby’s sake)- It’s purple! (for him pink, red and blue are all purple! 😉 So, goodbye Emerald Green (2013) and welcome Radiant Orchid!

For the ‘good morning sunshine!’ kind, like me – The PANTONE® happens to be the world authority on colour and provider of colour systems across a variety of industries.  So, Purple aka Radiant Orchid it is! Be ready to see all hues of purple this year as it is going to be the fashion colour for just about everything and anything… like it or not!


Image courtesy 1. Seventeen                        2. www.jsyk.org   3. via internet images

It is my daughter’s favourite colour, last year, she ensured one of the walls in her room got painted in it! Here is her favourite corner in her bedroom.

I would be lying if I said I don’t have an affinity for this colour; it is indeed an interesting colour if coördinated well in home decor. The rarity of the colour in nature has given it an exotic and mysterious elegance. Who wouldn’t fall in love with these beauties?!

Going by the colour theory (which we followed in our home)- Purple is a combination of red (warm)and blue(cool) colour, it combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red, retaining both the properties. It is associated with royalty, luxury, power, and ambition.  I am all set, with all things purple from around my home to welcome the colour of the year, without making any dent in my wallet! 😉 ) You don’t have to paint your walls purple to bring in the colour just, by adding pops of the colour around your home, you too can bring in the symbolism associated with purple; which is  wealth, creativity, wisdom, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, and magic! Now, who wouldn’t mind to be associated with such goodness!

So, how would I do it? Ummm… maybe throw in a few purple cushions.

A purple runner perhaps… or a purple rug.

Or bring in a few branches of the humble Bougainvillea (the purple pinkish one)… first thing in the morning tomorrow!

A candle/ votive… the easiest way I bring in some instant colour and glam in my home! Here is my little party trick – take a few different sized flute/cocktail glasses, fill them up with water, add a few drops of the colour(water colour/poster colour/fabric colour/food colour) you want, float in a tea lite and voilà! Instant magic!

Look for little scraps of craft paper or fabric to cover a writing pad, pen stand, vase etc… to bring in the hues of Radiant Orchid!

How about purple bed sheets? Don’t they look fab!

Image courtesy 1. Myntra.com    2. swayamindia

On one hand, the colour purple can boost imagination, creativity and add that royal richness to your home, on the other too much of purple can cause moodiness/anxiety. Keeping that in mind (if you follow colour theory), spruce up your home with much imagination and less monies. Look for all things purple in your home/wardrobe and get creative with your decor skills. Nothing is right or wrong… it is your home… your storyboard… go ahead create your mysterious, magical ‘Radiant Orchid-Color of 2014’ home story! And then how about sharing it with me 🙂 I ‘d love to see your ideas!

Here is an interesting link on colours and their significance  http://www.colormatters.com/purple

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