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As I sat writing for the last theme for M’s Photography Styling Challenge, I look back only to realize how far I’ve come in terms of styling and staging. I still have a long way to go but I know I am getting there, slowly and steadily…with a treasure of inspiration, tips and tricks from this challenge and from my fellow bloggers. This being the last month of the challenge, M chose the theme- ‘Personal’. And oh boy! Have I gone crazy? Trying to put my finger on what I should choose for the theme. Every single day (for the past one month) I woke up with a different theme in my head and by day end I didn’t find it fitting the bill (or the styling)…till a few days back when I was re-arranging hubby’s almirah, I finally found what I wanted to project as personal… but then again, it took a completely a different turn with our GSD ‘Don’ trying to be a part of the shoot! I will come to that part later…

So, here is my take on Photography Styling Challenge #12- Personal

With due permissions in place from the hubby, I chose to style and stage my shoot with hubby’s Uniform accessories! The epaulets, insignia, ribbons, medals, badges etc. all very personal to him for every tenure/year he has put in the service of the nation.

He has saved all of his uniform accessories till date, even the redundant ones. Maybe I ‘ll turn them into a DIY statement piece someday (with due permissions of course!).

These are his things… up, close and absolutely personal…including our German Shepherd, Don, who decided to be a part of the shoot as he got mighty curious to know what was I up to with his master’s belongings!

Don is as possessive about his master and his belongings as is his master about him! I wanted to use hubby’s shoes as part of staging for the photo shoot but Don got a little too possessive about them… with a little chiding from me and a some cajoling from the children he decided to give me a decent pose with the shoes! Mission accomplished!

By the way he is the oldest member of our family; he will turn 10 in September this year, which are 70 in human years. No disrespecting senior citizens in our home! So, if he wanted to be a part of the shoot…no one says no to Don!

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15 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge

  1. salute salute and another salute to the Indian Armed Forces.
    Loved every single picture here Supriti and loved how you styled it all. Very and truly personal indeed.
    Loved Don too – well, let me be honest……. I am terrified of cats and dogs………. I cannot have them in the same room as me. But, I love them in pictures.

  2. Very well Captured Supriti! With all those medals, you must be one proud wife. 🙂 Don is so cute, and he indeed lives up to his name. 😀 Hehe. Loved all the pics. specially the last one.

  3. Delightful Supriri! And I love that Don got his was and into your photographs. He looks like one proud pup! 🙂 x

  4. Ah.. men in uniforms – always make for very good pictures 🙂 Very well captured and styled. I love that gorgeous dog of yours!!

  5. Wow! This shoot has a Rang De Basanti feel to it. I love that Don decided to pitch in 😉

  6. What a different, yet personal approach to the theme! Hats off Supriti! (no pun intended) Great description and your Don is adorable!

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