Photography Styling Challenge # 11- Living Room

While writing this blog post for M’s Photography Styling Challenge, I realised how décor trends and home trends have evolved over time. Bringing in the western décor/home layout, into the traditional Indian home has emerged as a great fusion of the ‘west meets the east’ and the transition is so seamless that it doesn’t seem western anymore.Practice interior styling and improve your photography in the Photography Styling Challenge. Participants welcome! | Redesigned By M

Indian homes have this concept called, the ‘Drawing Room’, a formal or a designated seating area meant for guests and STRICTLY guests… a very colonial concept, still very prevalent in many Indian homes. I remember as children we were banned from entering this area (whether it was enclosed or an open one); and just the sheer restriction of entering this sacrosanct area meant for guests would make it the most appealing/inviting/enticing room in the entire house! The forbidden always seems the most tempting! Most of the homes still have this concept, including my parents & in-laws’ place (the place that serves as the Living Room is actually the Dining Room).

When we got married and set up our first home, my husband and I agreed that we don’t need a ‘Drawing Room’ instead we opted to have a place that we could use unabashedly/ freely, no boundaries, no knocking over stuff or breakables… with or without children… The Living Room… the most used room in our home, where ever we have been posted to. Although we did have a small formal area designated exclusively for ‘unofficially’ official discussions/meetings in my hubby’s study area (in the base homes) but no Drawing Room as such.

So when we were renovating the home where we live now, we did away with the Drawing Room completely, pulled down a wall to have a huge Living Room instead, where we come together as a family to watch TV, play games, entertain, work, laze, eat… the decor is hassle free and nothing really to worry about… yet inviting and comfortable.

Sometimes this area doubles as the ‘Nightover Room’ for my children’s sleepover parties, as our media unit is in this room (we consciously decided not to have TV in any of the Bedrooms).

Although it is a constant effort to keep the Living Room organised, comfortable and appealing but over the years we have learned how to… I have trained my children well! And they know the drill. I took these photos on Saturday when I made some lemonade for us, the temperatures are soaring here it has already crossed 36 degrees centigrade. I used the bottle and the glass that my daughter had as her share, as my props for styling.

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16 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge # 11- Living Room

  1. beautiful house. Although the yellow glow gives it a warm feel, I really wish you had made use of the natural lighting you have spoken about in the other post. I love your furniture. Wicker always has a special place in my heart 🙂 The right amount of green, a bit of clutter (no living room in this world is immaculate all the time, imho) and wonderful lemonade! Great challenge!

  2. Thank you for giving us a look into your home through the living room. I think these images could have benefitted from a little white balance tweaking. They all seem a little yellow. ~M.

    • You are welcome M! I agree they are all yellow as I took the shots at night @ auto settings. And I am still figuring out how to manage the ISO and the white balance in absence of natural light.

      • Dillon and Roxy have been shooting in “indoor” setting, which seems to be working for them. I don’t think I have an “indoor” setting on my camera, but see if you do and play with that. As a general rule, if there isn’t a lot of natural light available, increase your ISO; decrease in good lighting conditions. Also, try not to shoot in auto mode. My friend had turned me on to shooting in AV mode, which has been fun, but play with your own camera settings to see which works best for you. Hope that helps! ~M.

  3. a beautiful room indeed!
    And I love wicker furniture. Love the warm colors in the room.
    What caught my eye was the minty lemonade and that cute bottle.
    Lovely shots.

  4. Wow cultures are very different, so interesting that the “drawing room” os so prevalent today. The new living room looks very comfy 🙂

  5. Hello Supriti! Thank you so much for the explanation behind your living room and the information about the drawing room. I love learning more about different cultures adn ways of doing things. And you new ‘living’ room looks like the perfect place to relax and spend quality family time in x

  6. Warm inviting colors in your living room, Supriti! In the second pic, I understand you tried to show the slight ‘chaos’ that comes with spending time in the living room, but somehow it doesn’t work for me. Maybe a different angle, like from above, showing stuff scattered all over the coffee table?
    I’d love some of that lemonade, pls!!

  7. Oh, I agree with you about the ‘Drawing room’. I think I still harbour that idea as it is engraved in my mind and look for it when house hunting. Your living room looks very comfortable and inviting. I love wicker chairs!

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