Photography Challenge # 8- Patterns

Sometimes I act like a real muddlehead… my friends would vouch for it. ย I feel rather silly typing this post, as I had my post ready (or so I thought) and I am glad I didn’t push the publish button (it’s safely sitting in my drafts). I made it onย ‘Light’!! I am so glad I checked back in the Photography Challenge Themes. So, here I am now…clueless, thinking what to post! (This was the thought on my mind throughout the day at work today!)
Back home now… and I am ready with what I want to post today ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ So here is my take forย M’s Photography Challenge # 8- Patterns.
I attended a friend’s wedding, in October last year… a big fat Indian wedding, a gala affair with all the grand elements of tradition, culture and of course the bling! Here are three of my favourite pictures of the wedding (Thanks to my friend for allowing me to post these photos!)

The ‘mehandi'(Henna) pattern on her hands was divine and she made one of the prettiest bride I’d ever seen!

The ornate ‘kundan’ embroidery on her bridal ‘lehenga’ (gown) is designed by her… I remember how she fussed over the oodles of doodles she drew in her little bridal notebook, to show to her designer for the embroidery pattern. Days before the wedding she rejected the entire ensemble! It didn’t have the embroidery pattern that she designed!

Finally it was re-embroidered, to her desired pattern and delivered hours before her ‘pheras’ (wedding ceremony)! Last minute delivery, Bollywood ishtyle!

Married Indian ‘aunties’, (wring my neck if you want to!) are supposed to sport a ‘bindi’ (dot) on their forehead. Jokes apart, I am a big fan of ‘bindi’, I love to wear matching ones especially if I am wearing a saree (or if I am traditionally dressed). Here is a patterned one, that I just did for the PSC! Image credit goes to my lil one!

I like to wear this patterned ‘bindi’ with this sari ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope these photos do justice to Photography Challenge#8- Patterns… given the soup that I was in… I think I should be allowed a reprieve! Good or bad, the excitement to stay in this PSC made me pull off a post in such a short duration i.e ย after coming back home… an hour ago! I am off to visit other members of our group, do join me… I promise, you would love ’em all!

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11 thoughts on “Photography Challenge # 8- Patterns

  1. Nice job coming up with something to post. I love the intricate detail of the Henna. What a perfect choice for a “pattern” focused shoot!

  2. I love that shot of the wet henna on the bride and her lehenga!
    Like I mentioned in my post, the word ‘pattern’ brings to mind lovely, colorful garments. I was really bummed that I couldn’t photograph fabric for this challenge.
    Nice shots, Supriti!

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