Photo Montage…in it’s new look!

Simple changes can do wonders to your decor… after days of contemplating I, finally, decided to pick up my brush and the leftover paint to complete the project. Ever since I finished this project in its earlier version i.e. ‘My Hall of Fame’ Photo Montage, I had this nagging feeling that I wanted something else but then I decided to let it be for a few months before I did what I really had in mind… and that’s exactly what I did today…re-do the look! With a few strokes of my brush I managed to change the look of our living area, it looks much light and breezy now. Presenting my Photo Montage…in it’s new look!

I think it looks less crowded now… what say? Here is how it looked before the new look…To see this transition do check out my earlier post ‘here’

Here is how I did this simple update… I measured and marked the space that I wanted to mask off. Used the masking tape (to keep it equidistant keep measuring) to mask the area to be painted. You can create any design using a masking tape squares, triangles, panels, lines, chevron, diamonds etc.

I wanted alternating panels (vertical) of the ‘leafy’ design and the plain space. Iapplied the first coat of paint… allowed drying time of about half an hour… here was my coffee break before the second coat 🙂 In all, I applied four coats of paint. One strategic mistake that I made in my zeal to start and complete this project; I forgot to sand the area where I had to paint. I realized it only after the first coat… I should have known that I am applying light on dark colour hence the sanding was an integral part to mask off the existing dark colour. That’s the reason for four coats… otherwise two coats would have been sufficient. But all’s well that ends well! 🙂

After the fourth coat it seemed fine (only I know where the flaws are!). Now came the fun part… removing the masking tape!

Here is the work in progress, with pictures to compare…


The finished look once again…this is exactly what I had in mind in the first place:-) It took me three hours to complete this project, which includes the drying time between the coats.  So, what do you say? Which one looks better? The old look or the new look?


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