Pencil Sketching

I have been MIA for the longest time ever. How long has it been now? Really long…Long enough for the inertia to set in. I may call it a writer’s block, blogger’s block or prioritizing ‘other’ things in life or simply put – I have tried to juggle too many things at the same time. Some things sailed smoothly, others did not…blogging was one of the latter.

It’s not that I haven’t tried writing…I did, a million times but all in my head…never got down to actually sitting down to write. I have been on a complete roller-coaster ride with so many things happening at the same time that the biggest sufferer was the ‘me time’ a.k.a DIYingcookingdecoratingpaintingmake-overs, breaking things and patching them again! In short, doing just about everything that I love (which is not ‘work’ related) and blogging about it.

So what set the inertia rolling? My daughter’s art file… this term she started with pencil sketching as part of her Fine Arts course in Grade 9. Pencil Sketching @ Hooked on Homes! (1)

It’s one of her subjects this year. Last weekend she got her art file home to show me her progress. When I saw her attempt at this sketch, I couldn’t think of anything but to share it with the world! She got a B+ for it, she has a long way to go but for the moment, I am happy with her progress.

Her hand is getting steadier and she is getting comfortable with free-hand drawing. I guess I have to thank her art teacher for motivating her!

I feel so proud with the way she is going, not only with her art work but also with all the craftiness for decorating her room. I guess she will soon take over this blog as well! Looking forward for that day…It’s great to have a arty-crafty-diy partner… two is always a company! I am glad she got me rolling!

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7 thoughts on “Pencil Sketching

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  2. A great start I must say, doesn’t look like a beginner’s. Keep sharing her progress, would love to see more of her work too!

  3. Here speaks a proud mamma. 🙂
    I think this is fantastic, especially since you call it ‘beginner’s attempt’. Wishing her the best in everything she enjoys doing!

  4. A proud mom and satisfied teacher is what I see ! Proud of the baby steps, and the satisfaction when the student internalises the path shown by the teacher.

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