Pencil Color Doodles

I couldn’t help but post this blog as I felt I have to show-off a friend’s work who is forever creating these amazing  Pencil Color Doodles! She feels that they are nothing serious but I am sure anyone would disagree with her, just like I do! She essentially uses pencil colors to draw and color, sometimes it is a mixed media.

Let me formally introduce you to Mridul Goyal, an art teacher who believes anyone can be an artist if only they would think and draw from the heart! Easier said than done! She makes it seem so easy (but it’s not, trust me!). Her style is abstract/contemporary suggestive of surreal fantasy or a teasing mystery!

She loves capturing fine details in her pencil work. She says her sources of inspiration are anything and everything from mundane objects to anything exciting… all in a day’s work!

This summer she intends to conduct a few Art Workshops at her studio. Sitting with her, in my free time, I have picked up a few tips and techniques and I plan to take it further… I am practising. With her guidance I am sure I shall get better.

I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day, there is so much to learn, so much to do and so little time!

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  1. Supriti you have projected my paintings in such a way that I have started loving them more .thanks

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