Old is Gold!

How do you feel when you discover something long forgotten… a photo, a souvenir, a childhood collection etc.?  Nostalgic, excited… or both? I am sucker for keepsakes, memory boxes and memorabilia. Recently, on one of our visits to our farm-house, and while on a cleaning spree, I chanced upon a few things stashed away in an old armoire (one of these trips I am going to bring this armoire too! ). This is what I found; a few brass bowls, a brass wicker oil lamp, lots of brass ‘ghungroos’ (anklet bells) –

Since they had been stored for a several years now (I don’t know how many years), I decided to clean and polish them. This is how they look after I scrubbed them with sliced lemons! Pretty aren’t they? I don’t know how am I going to use them eventually but for now they are simply adorning my home…no wonder they say all things ‘old is gold’!I am waiting for some ideas to pop into my head to upscale these beauties in the best possible way!

Any ideas how would you use/upscale these pieces?

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