Old Glass Jars- Recycle and Update

The days are hot and sultry and the temperatures are touching a whopping 42 degree Celsius! And yet there is something about Summers that I absolutely love! I have learnt to deal with this heat, with or without the air-conditioning! And my way of doing it is to keep myself busy in some DIY/art/craft…I guess the brain becomes too occupied to notice how bad the weather is! Also Summer (Break) happens to be the only time when I get to indulge in all my creative urges, without any interference from any front. Oh yes, I do love Summers! Yesterday was another hot summer day, when I decided to bring a bit of nature inside our home. Since I wanted to perk up all corners of our home, I needed more flower vases. I turned a few kitchen vessels into flower vases and yet I needed more… that’s when I remembered my collection of glass jars (It had honey in them earlier) which I had stashed away in my pantry (to be used for storing things as and when needed).

The idea to recycle old glass jars in not anything new, we all have been doing it in some way or the other. But to upcycle a glass jar in a simple diy using all things old appealed to me. I was in too much of a hurry, to perk-up my home, to paint the old glass jars (if you have the time, that’s another great way of updating them).

It didn’t take much time, just a few things from my craft stash – raffia, a rainbow coloured cord, buttons and old batteries; and the old glass jars were ready in an all new avatar!

As I said earlier, the idea was to recycle old glass jars with no expenditure and minimal effort.The tiny batteries of the remote control were way too cute to be thrown away…so I decided to give them a new life!

The buttons that I used are fromΒ an old t-shirt, took them off before turning that t-shirt into my ‘car cleaning cloth’.

By the time I was done with my recycling spree, I had these cute little vignettes all over my home and the highlight were the ones with the recycled glass jars!

You can add any thing that fancies you to make your own recycled vase. Go on and make your charming vases and if you do need them back for storage they’d look pretty just the way they have been updated.

Don’t you think even the pantry would look pretty with these recycled old glass jars, especially in their new look!

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5 thoughts on “Old Glass Jars- Recycle and Update

  1. I agree with Angela- love your blog photography. If I may- which camera do you use? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Akioneam! But I will be honest with you, I am still learning, hence can’t offer much of an advice except use natural light as much as possible. In-fact make it your camera’s best friend! And as for the camera, I use my cellphone (HTC) or my prosumer Nikon P500 (on manual mode). When I get too frustrated I go back to point and shoot mode!

  2. Loved the idea πŸ™‚ more often I find recycle crafts that eventually use more supplies that it becomes too heavy on pocket. But this one..loved the effortless beauty! πŸ™‚ I love your photographs. Maybe you could share some post on photography for blog πŸ™‚

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