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I never thought that I would be here. Where is the time?! As if being a full-time mom, an armed forces wife & an Educational Administrator wasn’t enough! Here, I’ve got my hands full again…as I try to keep a digital log a.k.a blog about what I enjoy doing the most. I am a passionate DIY-er, crafter and a serial hobbyist, always in quest to learn something new. Taking out time for blogging may be difficult but not impossible. I may struggle to meet my self-set deadlines but I know I am going to enjoy this journey…  My motto being ‘Happiness is Homemade’. 🙂  Welcome to my blog… 🙂

I am a mom to two teenagers, a son and a daughter; and a lucky wife to a doting husband who has always supported me in all my creative endeavors (and the non-creative disasters!) . My husband being in the Armed Forces, we shifted base every 3 to 4 years. A new house every time we moved to a new Base. Over the years I have come to enjoy converting these houses into homes, as I love the very idea of planning, styling, ‘doing-it-myself’… just about everything to create a warm, appealing and a comfortable home… without breaking the bank, doing everything & anything for the house we called our ‘Base-home’. So, when we were renovating our family home, all the past experiences and experiments came together in creating a place with a unique blend of contemporary, cottage and bohemian styles (thanks to our stay at a dozen odd places).

I believe I was born with a DIY gene! Seriously, if you drop by our home unannounced, you just may find me perched up on a ladder or deep down in some rubble of a ‘creative’ organizing or a frugal project! I don’t remember keeping long & pretty painted finger nails (EVER), couldn’t let anything come between me and my DIY chores

While I adore my profession, my passion for DIY, recycling, crafting and home styling is what keeps me sane.  I’m a self-confessed hoarder, addicted to home-store goodies, interiors magazines, DIY blogs, crafting and  trying out new recipes I can never get enough of them. Oh… I forgot to mention travel and photography! I have been told it is an incurable condition! I believe if someone can do it then I can do it too… maybe not as good as a professional job but definitely close! At this point, of this long introduction… I’d rather admit I have this “compulsive disorder” of doing things myself, whether I know it or not! Whatever the outcome… it has either been a pleasing experience or a disastrous learning experience!

Phew…was that long? But that’s me in a nutshell!

Update- I just realised my teen daughter has contracted this incurable condition…I guess she has inherited my DIY gene!

This blog is my effort to connect with all the ‘Die-Hard’ design, decor, art & craft, DIY enthusiasts and stalwarts around the world, to share and to learn. It is my place to document my journey… for my grand children to read!

Join me in my successful and some not-so-successful DIY dabbling and my ‘Hooked on Homes’ chronicles!

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22 thoughts on “My Story…

  1. Greetings Mrs Chauhan!

    I happened to stumble on your blog and something in me said such amazing DIYs had to be a fauji wive’s brain!

    So glad to have come across your website.

    Looking forward to some lessons 🙂


  2. Hi Supriti,
    Creativity is contagious, I hope I catch more of it from here!! … and your blog is such a visual treat. I cannot imagine the high you get everyday out of these lovely projects. I feel so refreshed and inspired reading this page and cannot wait to devour the rest of your blog. Thank you for sharing your life with us.. 🙂 So admire your energy and spirit. Keep going. You make it look so easy!!

  3. Howdy there loved your blog and the write-up on your interests. Your words “…enjoy converting these houses into homes” are truly inspiring as to make a home a warm heart and positive vibes too are essential.
    Best to you and your family. Cheers 🙂

  4. a very warm hello from a fellow Army Wife and a blogger 🙂
    it was great going thru your wonderful blog… lots of insights and tips!
    will definitely be coming here again and again!
    Maryam (

  5. I wonder what’s wrong, but I’m not able to post a comment on one of your posts! But I did enjoy reading your blog. While I type this, I hope this comment gets posted and you are able to read this 😉

  6. Enjoyed your blog very much Suniti after you won the prize in the Asia paints contest. You deserve it. Your blog has a very down to earth feel and you really work on your house and love the whole process. Keep going!

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  8. Hi Supriti, I chanced upon your blog while browsing for some home décor ideas. I am a newly wed woman, about to move into a rented 3 BHK apartment in Gurgaon. So I have a blank canvas at my disposal and I am going crazy with excitement to do it up. Your blog has given me some awesome ideas. DIY is an almost unheard concept in India and I am glad that I found someone to relate to. It was good to go through your blog.

    • Thanks a lot Debosmita! I am glad my blog is of some help to you. All the best to you and your hubby…Happy decorating!

  9. I absolutely love your blog! There are very few DIY blogs out here which Indians can actually relate to, and yours is the only one I found which actually has great aesthetic sense! Every time I find an idea that I love, I can’t make it because the materials aren’t available in this part of the world. So it’s refreshing to read about Diwali decor and repurposing wall advertisements, not to mention all the recognisable ingredients! Great job! You’ve given me some inspiration for a few projects too!

    • Thanks Anusha for such a generous comment! I am glad you feel inspired by my projects. The whole idea is to be thrifty and yet create something new with what is readily available at home or in the local market. Please share your projects too… would love to see them!

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