My Horribly Cluttered Basement!

This post is more like my diary entry than a regular post. It’s going to be a reminder for me to gather courage to start working on the clutter that has been sitting in our basement…so far I have pretended that it doesn’t exist! When we shifted here, all our stuff was stored in this partial space of the basement, as we gradually set up our home. Now this is the left over stuff, mostly empty boxes, cartons, crates and some mindlessly hoarded stuff! Just take a look at the photos and you will know what I mean!Hooked on Homes (1) Hooked on Homes (2) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4)  Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) My head spins every time I look at these photos…don’t even ask how I feel when I go down to the basement! So, today I promise myself, to do up this space in 3 months time. A little detail about the area that I am talking about; its approximately 800 sq.ft. Initially the target was to finish it by Diwali this year but I don’t think I would be able do it…with my full-time teaching job, my children and home front…it will not be fair on anybody. I will be realistic and I will take my time and try to finish this project by 20th December this year… I have postponed it for more than a year now. Having promised myself, let me list out what all is to be done:

  • Getting rid of all that is not needed.
  • Storing things that are required only a couple of times in a year.
  • Organising the stored items.
  • Painting the space (walls only)
  • Scrubbing and cleaning the space (it’s in a bad shape)
  • Re-organising the space into a utility area for either art/craft area, study area or prep it up for a rental.
  • Decorating the space (now it looks like a junk room)

All this in the same order, should everything goes as planned and if there aren’t any DIY disasters!

I know I have set myself up for a challenging task. I hope I will be able to do it… in time. I have set the reverse ‘day’ timer on my laptop! So here I am, requesting all my friends and all the DIY stalwarts of the blogging world to help me with this project…give me a direction  ‘coz this time I will be tackling this project all alone…hubby out of town 🙁 🙁 🙁 I am in dire need of  your inputs, suggestions, tips, ideas, shortcuts and of course a lot of morale boosting!

As of today; Days Left to Complete the Project (DLTCP) – 104!!!

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