My ‘Charm’ Wall!

A collection of photos or pictures can be displayed in so many ways. How you pull together a display depends on the size of the collection and the area/wall you will be using. The best way to know what will suit your wall is to arrange the display on the floor (inside the same dimensions, you can draw lines on the floor) and then take a photo of the display. Rearrange the pictures on the floor and take some more shots. Compare your shots and choose the best suited option. Put the same on your wall!

The talisman/ lucky charm wall in the living room is one of my favourite displays at home. I call it my ‘charm’ wall as the framed pictures are an assortment of lucky charm for home… from different religions. These charm are supposed to ward off evil and bring in positive energy in the house. I am superstitious but I like the idea of these symbols. Besides, these pictures have always been a very good conversation starter! It’s a collection built over 17 years. It began with these three pictures, which were presented to my husband by the monks at Tawang monastery in Arunachal Pradesh. For many years I just had just these three.

The other two (on either corner at the bottom row) were added from Lamayuru monastery in Ladaakh… again a gift. Rest of the pictures kept on adding from our holidays across the country.  I decided to give distressed vintage look to the pictures by burning the edges uneven… tedious job but totally worth the effort!

Since the wall in the living room is creme I mounted these pictures on different coloured cartridge sheets just to break the monotony of crème (earlier all these pictures were mounted on a maroon paper, you can see it in the first three pictures of my collection, I didn’t do much to these pictures).The initial display was minus the wooden frame.

Something felt amiss in this display. Weeks later, after lot of brainstorming, I decided to add the frame (made of left over pieces of door beading) around the pictures, to pull the look together. Now I am on a look out for an eye-catching ‘OM’, a mystic Sanskrit syllable, considered the most sacred Hindu mantra and a ‘Cross’ to complete my collection; so far nothing interesting has caught my eye, I hope I find it soon.

Many of our guests ask me about the significance of these pictures… I have now mugged up my answers! Here is what each of these picture signify:


  • The symbol/talisman in mauve background has TAVEEZ- it protects the bearer from harmful forces.
  • The symbol/talisman in purplish pink background has SIMURHG- the protector in Zorastrian beliefs.
  • The symbol/talisman in bottle green background has face of a TIGER in two colours depicting Rahu and Ketu (the planets in hindi- protects from natural calamities.
  • The symbol/talisman in deep pink background has KAALBELIA mirror charm to protect from negative spirits.
  • The symbol/talisman in leaf green background has MAHAMRITYUNJAY script- a verse from the Vedas to overcome every obstacle.
  • The symbol/talisman in striking blue background has BISMILLAH- a verse from the Holy Qoran – a guarantee of protection.
  • The symbol/talisman in red and maroon(the picture in centre) background has KAAL CHAKRA- an ancient vedic tantra for protection from the evil spirits.
  • The symbol/talisman in dark green  -786, the holy number from Qoran that stands for protection.
  • The symbol/talisman in sap green background has TARA, the most beloved deity in Buddhism for compassion, healing and long life.
  • The symbol/talisman in dark purple background has NITYOTSANA- an ancient vedic yantra for annihilation of negative desires.
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6 thoughts on “My ‘Charm’ Wall!

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  2. Loved your blog. Searched you on google.
    Remember geeta(we met in mt Abu)

  3. awesome job Supriti!!! i myself have always been attracted to such mystic objects wanting to find their meaning n significance. but some how never gave it enough thought to be able to reach such an impressive idea. i have an wall too in my living room and have been thinking of something loveable for it. i’m just thinkung if i could have this copied as it is on to my wall.if not certainly i’v got the right track to follow and i can now hope to hit some good idea.luv your work!!!!

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