Liven Up A Dull Corner

Last weekend one of my ‘pretties’ broke…:-(  I had taken it out for some sun bathing. Although my money-plant is safe but I am unable to forgive myself for not being careful enough. I will soon be on a lookout for something similar. In the meanwhile I wanted to do something to liven up the sad and lonely corner next to my refrigerator… I really do miss my planter and as a penance (for breaking it) I challenged myself to liven up a dull corner without buying anything, at least for a couple of months.

Khurja Pottery Planter

Khurja Pottery Planter

I went around my home collecting things which I felt would help liven up a dull corner in my home, although nothing can replace my planter except another similar looking one , here is what I did…to add a little happiness in this corner of our home.

I found this low height step stool (it was meant for I don’t know what!) lying in the basement.

Decorating a dull corner with things around my home!

Decorating a dull corner with things around my home!

I painted it with some left over paint (at 10 @ night). Placed a low height grassy plant next to it. The following day I added a few things I had collected…

The straw mat is a one of the dining mats, I added a few brass ware… if you remember I retrieved them in a sad condition from our native place last year. To know how I polished them, organically, click here.

I clipped some branches of a creeper from my garden and placed them in an old whiskey glass (the branches would stay good if I keep changing the water and sun it every once in while). To balance the branches I added an ornamental glass rose (I left it with a broken stem the day it was gifted to me, couldn’t bring myself to part with it. Finally I found a good use for it!) plus, it kind of looks pretty in water!

And finally I added a glass dish (which was occupying a lot of space in my crockery cupboard!), threw in some coloured glass pebbles and filled it up with water. I like to float-in flowers (when I have them) otherwise the coloured pebbles too look pretty in water.

Decorating a dull corner with things around my home!

Decorating a dull corner with things around my home!

All it took was 10 minutes of styling the corner, that is, if I exclude 30 minutes of painting (no sanding or priming), the previous night and roughly 20 minutes of collecting & coordinating stuff around the house!

I am happy the way it has turned out…more so, since I didn’t spend a penny! How would you liven up a dull corner in your home?

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  1. This turned out beautifully. I enjoy your style and am sorry about your lovely planter.

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