Sometimes you come across  a visual moment and by the time you run for your camera/cell, it’s gone! The only place to capture it forever, is in your memories… I met a veteran photographer some years ago, he was on an official assignment with hubby’s office. While talking about photography, he said “I don’t take photos, I capture memories, and it’s damned difficult to capture good ones”. This has stayed with me since then… I capture what I ever fancies me with whatever I have in my hands… my hubby calls me a lunatic!

Browsing my albums on my slave drive I came across an album titled – Light… I don’t remember when I made it but I was pleasantly happy to go through it. Just thought of sharing some of my favourite ‘Light’ moments…

We woke up to a beautiful sight on a bright sunny Sunday. The reds in the dining room never looked so pretty before… captured it with hubby’s cell phone.

I was trying to capture the peek-a-boo Sun rays in this photo… this is the only photo which had the Sun shining like a star, rest were full with sharp white light. Oh…by the way you can see sonny boy perched on the Y fork to the left! He was plucking mangoes for my pickling spree!

In Kochi, while on a vacation, we saw these Chinese fishing nets from a distance, from the other side of the harbour. We got to know it looks the best around sunset… we couldn’t have gone back without visiting this fishermen’s cove. The next day was our flight back home.  Before heading for the Airport we started for this place, without realizing the mad rush hour/traffic…we managed to reach this place, just after sunset…spent about  5 minutes, only to take pictures and rushed back to the airport. This 40 km detour in the opposite direction, midst crazy traffic, would’ve surely resulted in missing our flight had the flight not been delayed by two hours that day!

If you Google ‘Chinese Fishing Nets Kochi’, you will find many pictures of this place on the internet but I find mine the best (so much for modesty!). I love the late evening light in different hues, contrasting against the city lights.

Spending a day at Brunton Boatyard was like being in the 18th century Portuguese era at Fort Kochi. Resurrected from the remains of a Victorian shipbuilding yard, it is now a heritage hotel… an architectural delight and so steeped in colonial history. At this restaurant for dinner… I couldn’t help but take this picture. The way light reflected from the glassware, around the hall, was beautiful. My hubby didn’t allow me to raise my camera and he refused to acknowledge the trigger-happy-lunatic as his wife! No manners, huh!

Visiting and staying with our friends in Lucknow was one of the most memorable weekend trips. Their home is a heritage haveli…old, rustic and charming. Every nook and cranny had a story to tell. I took this photograph late in the afternoon, love the way light danced through the colored glass panes into the room.

A few more photos from my cellphone… clicked them for the play of ‘light’ in the scenes (on our way to Mumbai during the Monsoons).

I love the wonderful feeling of looking back through old photos especially the hard bound albums…there’s something reassuring about knowing that it’s all there, about being able to extricate one of those ‘free’ cellophane albums and go through it when I’m feeling blue. Honestly, I end up with them only on days when my spring cleaning…I’m peripherally aware that I have way more photos than I can sort, I try to ignore this herculean task most of the times…I am acutely aware of my procrastination in this area.

A few get framed and go on my ‘Photo Montage Wall’, but most get added to those already over-stuffed shoe boxes.

I don’t even want to begin with the sorting of digital backlog of photos! That is even more overwhelming than the hard bound ones. Sometimes I wonder how can I do it all… How do you sort your digital photos? How do you sort your printed photos? Where do you stash them?

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  1. Send all your photos to the cloud! Use Scan all those that weren’t taken digitally. Those that were can easily be stored forever and for free in the cloud.

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