Kitchen Overhaul- part 3 (last)

Working with our carpenter was a learning experience for us (and him as well). He was instrumental in building our kitchen, our home, our furniture and our patience!

He would take forever to understand the design/dimensions and he would insist on adding his own idea to it! But once he started relating to our designs and requirements he became totally obsessed with creating the best to his abilities. He became relentless in achieving the exact replica of the design; he had to be told to take a break.

Once he worked for 36 hrs straight! My husband sat with him for 30 of those 36 hrs, staying up all night (trying to figure out an efficient way of fixing the kitchen garage shutter). Unless he was satisfied with the end result he wouldn’t give up. And later he would patiently wait for our approval for the same. Considering it was his first big project, let me tell you his work is really GOOD! Here are some pictures of the kitchen, taking shape.  

To read about Part 1 of the Kitchen Overhaul Click Here.  For part 2 of the Kitchen Overhaul Click Here.

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