Indian Monsoon

Early June is the best time to be in the Western Ghats, in India…that is if you want to enjoy the spectacle of the  Indian Monsoon in its full glory.

Indian Monsoon- in Western Ghats

Indian Monsoon- in Western Ghats

And that is something I really miss the most. Having stayed in that region for almost five years, it was always a pleasure to welcome the Monsoon. From overcast dark clouds to raining in the sun! Let me forewarn you this is a picture heavy post… I took these photos over a period of five years, they are all of our home in Pune during Monsoon. With the collection that I have,  I just couldn’t decide what not to put in this post.

The magnificent skies, after days of rains… almost as if someone splashed a palette of colours across the canvas!

With the first spell of pre-monsoon showers, the dry and barren landscape transforms almost magically in just a couple of days! The parchy brown Ghats adorn a cloak of verdant foliage comparable to the Swiss meadows.

The steady spell of rains would make anyone fall in love with the Indian Monsoon.

If I look for words which describes the ‘rains’, based on its intensity then I guess Hindi describes it the best; the rains here are so true to every lyrical synonyms or adjectives for it in Hindi -‘ barish, varsha, vrishti, meh, bauchaar, barsaat, barkha bahaar, rimjhim phuhaar, musladhaar barish… the list is endless! And you get to see it all!

I, so wanted to capture all of it in my camera but I don’t think any camera could do justice to what is really etched in my memories.Can you imagine capturing it in a camera? Is it even possible? Yeah…it is, only if you could write poetry as well… that’s what the rains here make you want to do!

We had been posted to the northeast… where it’s forever raining, seen all of the region but nothing compares to the Western Ghats’ spectacular transformation of seemingly arid land into a magical one!

Staying at a Base home, which is always far away from the city may not be everybody’s idea of luxury; to me, it is a luxury… to be away from the city, I take it as a privilege. Especially when you get to enjoy nature in all of its glory! Children had a gala time playing in the rains as our front yard turned into a network of rivulets throughout the Monsoon.

In India, monsoons play a decisive role in determining the agriculture, hence the economy of the country. Its arrival is a joyous time… a time for celebration, a time for rejoice.  To see every little thing come alive after being parched…Monsoon is a welcome relief not only for us but also for the animal kingdom. Every year, we have had these visitors coming into our lawn/ backyard during this season! We became so used to them that we learned to live with them.

This year was a killer one! And NO, I wouldn’t like to live with this crawly one! Although not into our lawn or backyard but close enough… the locals captured this mammoth crocodile in a farmer’s field next to a lake a little away from our Base home.

Our tenure at Pune has made me fall in love with this season. Unlike in Delhi where this season is referred to as the ‘Moansoon’; it is something that will always remind me of the good times that we have had there in this season! I never had to sow or plant any of these beauties in my garden… every Monsoon they appeared on their own!

Come rains and all nooks and crannies of our home became a home to new life… from cascading creepers on the rooftop to hollows being filled with adiantum ferns and other greens. Even the cobwebs look pretty in this season… glistening silky thread with silvery raindrops!

We were lucky to spend our summer vacation this year and another bonus fortnight this month to enjoy this season in its full glory. All I did was take pictures to capture as much as I could!

And of course bake hot sweet buns or  ‘pakoras’ with tea, to enjoy the Monsoons here!

I know I have gone over board with photos in this post but I couldn’t stop myself… I didn’t want to… just wanted to recreate the magic of this season.

If you really want to see the Indian Monsoon, then head over to the Western Ghats, where nature comes alive almost animatedly as if in a fairytale book! Although we are in September, it is still not too late, even when it is in its retreating phase.


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  2. For some reason, many of what I know must have been intriguing photos didn’t convey. I enjoyed the ones that did. Is it true that cobras “skate” on the water during the monsoon?

    • I am glad you did Teddee. And yes they do. I haven’t figured out the video upload feature on my blog otherwise I would have uploaded one with two cobras in a fight which hubby captured on his cellphone standing precariously on our compound wall!

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