How to jazz up your walls on a budget

Staying at a Defence Base is definitely fun… open areas, lush greenery (or should I say forest), no city noise, no pollution, huge lawns, kitchen gardens with huge bungalows! You can decorate the place allotted to you to your heart’s content but can’t make any structural changes for obvious reason… it’s not your property. Looking at the same old crème/white wall can be really boring and drab (as most houses are painted that way by the defence agencies).

I devised an easy solution to jazz up my walls on a budget… I cut out easy stencils to do murals on my walls! Once the 2/3 year tenure was over, we would repaint them creme…so that no one cribbed or complained. Although no one ever did!

A mural is a great way to fill your room with color and energy at a low-cost. You may think how is one supposed to paint a huge wall? Let me share a sneaky trick, for my easy -peasy stencils, that will have your friends and family going ga-ga over your larger-than-life artwork.

First choose your theme, pictures and colour scheme by browsing the internet. Simply pick one that you want to see in your home. Take a printout of the desired picture on an OHP/ Acetate sheet and  cut it out as a stencil for your painting/mural project! Now use these stencils as templates in laying out the details of your wall painting… first try it out on the floor.
Click here to see how I make my stencils.
Don’t worry if you make mistakes, you can easily correct them even on the walls.

In these photos, I did my daughter’s room with her favourites…butterflies, rainbow and sweet peas. And I co ordinate all of it to already existing colours in her room (curtains, upholstery etc). My daughter and I made the butterflies with craft paper, punched it, embellished and used a double-sided tape to give the butterflies 3 D effect on the walls.

You can jazz up your walls on a budget with a brilliantly bold statement of colours, textured paints and rollers, the choices are endless if you are the brave, adventurous kinds and willing to experiment and if you know you won’t get a dressing down for ruining the walls! That would be the worst case scenario…but you can always repaint your walls with any base colour! Here are some more pictures

How have you turned your boring wall into a story to share? I would love to see your ideas.

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