Freshly Cut Greens- Spinach and Fenugreek Leaves

I could not resist but show off the bounty from our kitchen garden… freshly cut greens! Although this is the third produce, of spinach and fenugreek leaves, of the season but I couldn’t rejoice looking at the earlier ones as they were washed, chopped and cooked before I reached home. Mom-in-law had turned them into delectable ‘parathas’! I never knew they looked so pretty, knowing they are home grown, they look even more prettier!

Today being a Sunday, that too a sunny one, I had the luxury of spending a little time in our small kitchen garden. And that’s when I gathered my bounty of greens… totally organic. While collecting the spinach and fenugreek leaves I had hoards of recipes racing through my mind. I was clear I didn’t want to make the regular sabzi, saag or paratha… I wanted to try something different. I had time to think about it…

But before I did that, I went trigger happy and took loads of photos of Spinach and Fenugreek Leaves

Spinach and Fenugreek Leaves

Freshly Cut Greens- Spinach Leaves

The greens made such a lovely subject! And wrote a quick blog post… I had to give them a spotlight!

Honestly speaking I don’t feel like cooking them, the leaves look way too pretty adorning my kitchen counter! How about I use them to make a whole wheat crusty pie?

What’s your favourite recipe with Spinach and fenugreek leaves?

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